4 lbs. apples.

3 cupfuls water.

4 lbs. sugar.

Juice And rind of a lemon.

Wash, pare and quarter apples; keep in water until ready to use. Cook sugar and water five minutes; add apples, cook until tender. Add lemon juice and rind. Fill jars with apples, then fill with syrup and seal.

Canned Apples And Quinces

4 lbs. quinces.

2 lbs. sugar.

2 lbs. apples.

1 qt. water.

Pare and quarter the quinces and apples, let stand in cold water to prevent discoloration. Cook in boiling water until tender, then simmer in sugar and water syrup for ten minutes. Arrange in jars, fill with syrup and seal.

Canned Apples And Pineapple

4 lbs. apples.

2 lbs. sugar.

4 lbs. pineapple.

2 pints water.

Rind of 4 lemons.

Pare, core and cut the apples in rings. Cut pineapple in slices, remove skin and eyes and cut pulp into squares, being careful to reject the core. Boil sugar and water five minutes; add pineapple; cook until tender; then cook apples until tender; add lemon rind; fill jars, which have been sterilized, with the apple and pineapple. Adjust rings, fill jars with syrup, adjust covers and seal. Jelly can be made of the peel and cores of apples and pineapples by covering with cold water, letting boil until soft. Strain and proceed as for apple jelly.

Canned Apples

4 lbs. apples.

Juice And rind of two lemons.

1 lb. sugar.

2 pints water.

Pare and core the apples; cover with cold water. Boil sugar and water five minutes; add apples and simmer until tender; add lemon juice and rind; place apples in sterilized jars; fill to overflowing with syrup; adjust rubbers and covers. Set in a cold place until cool, then keep in dark dry closet.