Quince Preserve

Pare, core and weigh the fruit, put in preserving kettle with one pint of water to every pound of fruit, and boil ten minutes, or until tender enough to pass straw through them. If they are not perfectly ripe they will require longer boiling. Take out, one at a time, and place on dishes to drain. Allow one pound of sugar to every pound of fruit. Put the sugar in a kettle with enough water to dissolve it, then put in the fruit and boil until the cloudy look disappears, skimming all the time. Lay the fruit on a dish to cool, then put in jars and pour the hot syrup over it.

Quince And Pear Preserve

Pare one peck of quinces and cut into one-quarter or one-eighth pieces, just cover with hot water and cook moderately until tender. Take quince out on a platter when cooked, then peel one-half peck ripe pears, cut up in one-quarter pieces, cook in the same liquid until tender. When cooked take out, and put on platter. Make a syrup from the liquid that the fruit was cooked in; to every two cupfuls of liquid add one cupful of heated sugar. Boil liquid first, then add heated sugar. Cook until a syrup, then add all the fruit. Cook moderately until fruit is thoroughly heated through. Put up in air-tight jars.

Preserved Quinces

Wash, pare and core the quinces, weigh and allow equal weight of sugar. Cover fruit with cold water, cover kettle and cook slowly until thick and dark. Put into sterilized jars.

Quince And Sweet Apple Preserve

Pare the quinces, cut in quarters and remove the cores and woody portions beneath. Cook the skins with water to cover until soft, then strain off this water and in it cook the quinces until tender; add half the quantity of sweet cooking apples prepared like the quinces—it will take much longer for the quinces to cook than the apples. Always let the fruit stand in cold water after peeling until the time for cooking, and only cook as much fruit at a time as the liquid will cover. When all the fruit has been cooked and removed with a skimmer, add to the liquor a pound of sugar for each pound of quince, and half a pound of sugar for each pound of apples. Boil the syrup for five minutes, skim, add the fruit and let cook slowly until transparent and a good color. Drain out the fruit, pack in sterilized hot jars and pour the boiling hot syrup over, filling the jars to overflowing. Seal airtight as for canned fruit.