Frozen Apricots

Remove the skins from one quart of canned apricots and cut them in small pieces; add the juice, one quart of water and two cupfuls of sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Freeze and allow the mixture to stand an hour before serving.

Apricot Souffle

Press through a sieve one cupful of stewed apricots, add three-fourths cupful of sugar. Cook until thick; then add the stiffly beaten whites of four eggs. Cut them in, as you would for sponge cake, and bake twenty minutes in a hot oven.

Apricot Roll

Wash a half pound of dried apricots and soak over night. Put to cook in the double boiler next morning in fresh water to cover, adding a tiny pinch of soda to neutralize the acidity. When they have swelled to full size, or in about an hour, sweeten to taste and cook for twenty minutes longer. Meantime make a rich biscuit dough, using whole-wheat flour. Two cupfuls of flour, three teaspoonfuls of baking powder and three tablespoonfuls of shortening, with water or milk sufficient to make a dough, which can be rolled out thin. Roll out thin, spread lightly with butter, then spread with the drained apricots. Sprinkle with sugar. Roll up, pinch the ends to keep together, then bake in a greased pan after rubbing the top with shortening. Baste once with melted shortening mixed with some of the hot fruit juice. When brown remove to platter, and serve with the apricot liquid cooked down until syrupy and thickened with a teaspoonful of cornstarch wet with a little cold water.

Dried Apricot Sherbet

Soak half a pound of dried apricots in cold water over night; pour off the water, strain it through cheesecloth and return to the apricots with as much boiling water as is needed to cook them. Let cook rapidly until tender; when done there should be one quart of apricots and liquid; press through a sieve, add one quart of water, two cupfuls and a half of sugar and the juice of a lemon and freeze as any sherbet. For a smoother sherbet, cook the sugar in the pulp five or six minutes, then cool, add the cold water and freeze.

Apricot Parfait

1 pint of apricot fruit pulp i lemon i pint of cream 6 almonds, chopped.

Add the lemon juice to the fruit pulp and then stir in the cream and the chopped almonds. Put the cream into a mold and pack it in ice and rock salt for three hours. It will make a pint and a half of cream.

Rice With Apricots

Boil one cupful of well-washed rice in a kettle of salted water until tender, turn it into a well buttered mold, tapping and shaking to pack it slightly, then stand over hot water for five minutes. Turn carefully out on a hot platter and over it pour one-half of a can of apricots mashed and heated.

Evaporated Apricot Preserve

Soak one pound of apricots over night; add one pound of sugar and cook gently until thick. Serve with cream.

Apricot Marmalade

Wipe and cut four pounds of apricots in halves. Remove the stones, cut the apricots in small pieces. Add four pounds of hot sugar and cook slowly for two hours; add the juice of two lemons. Put into jelly glasses and cover.