Dissolve 1/2 box of Cox's gelatine in 1 coffee cup of new milk ; when thoroughly dissolved add 1 coffee cup of sugar. Place upon the stove and stir until the sugar is dissolved-do not let it cook, merely heat it, until the mixture is smooth. Then let it cool but not stiffen ; into this stir 1 pint of Cream, which has been whipped to a stiff froth, add lastly the beaten whites of 7 eggs. Chopped almonds.

Charlotte Russe

One pint of thick Cream beaten to a stiff froth ; 1/2 box Cox's gelatine, dissolved in enough cold water to cover it. Heat 1 gill of milk and pour it over the gelatine; add 1 cup of pulverized sugar, 1 tablespoonful of vanilla, whites of 2 eggs beaten to a stiff froth. Stir all well together, and pour over a mould lined with sponge cake. Set in a cool place to harden.

Charlotte Russe

Mix with the yolks of 4 eggs 1/4 pound sugar, 1/2 pint new milk; put it over the fire until it thickens like custard ; do not let it boil. Soak.

Charlotte Russe

One quart Cream, 3 tablespoons Cox's gelatine; let the gelatine dissolve on the stove in a little of the cream ; not too hot. Season the rest of the cream pretty sweet with sugar and flavor with vanilla. Whip the cream to a stiff froth, stir in the gelatine. Line a glass dish with pieces of sponge cake and pour over the Cream. Prepare in the morning for tea.

Charlotte Russe - No. 2

One ounce Cooper's isinglass or Cox's gelatine, soak about an hour in a pint of milk, place over the fire until dissolved ; add 1/2 pound sugar, and flavor with vanilla. Whip 1 quart Cream. Remove the froth as it rises to a large bowl. Stir the dissolved isinglass, etc., until it begins to cool and thicken, then mix with the whipped cream. Beat all well and pour into moulds lined with sponge cake or with lady fingers.

Charlotte Russe- (Good)

One-third of a box of Cox gelatine soaked for 1 hour, in 1 pint of cold milk, place over the fire and stir till dissolved, then add 1/3 pound of sugar. Flavor to taste with vanilla. 1 quart of Cream whipped (with egg beater), removing to another bowl the froth as it rises. Stir the gelatine and milk, till it is cool and begins to thicken, mix with whipped cream, beat all together and pour into mould. (Should be prepared the day before using, unless cooled on ice).