"And lucent Syrups tinct with Cinnamon".

"the cup which cheers".

French Coffee

One pint of ground coffee, to 2 quarts of boiling water. Put the coffee into the uppermost compartment of a French coffee pot and pour the water on very slowly. Should it not be strong enough pour the water on again.


To 1 quart of milk take 2 squares of Whitman's best chocolate. Cut up fine and dissolve with a little warm water. When the milk is boiling put in the chocolate and stir almost constantly. It is better to use a chocolate-pot, containing a muddler which can be easily twirled between the hands, causing it to foam.

Coffee. Mrs. Putnam, From

With a little cold water mix one cup of freshly browned ground coffee-Java and Mocha mixed in equal parts. Put it into the coffeepot, pour on it seven cupsful of boiling water, close the lid immediately and place over a hot fire. As soon as the coffee comes to a boil, pour out rapidly one cupful and return it immediately, close the lid and wait for the coffee to boil up again, then pour out another cupful and return it at once. Repeat the process the third time, then remove to a place on the fire sufficiently hot to keep the coffee scalding. It must not boil again. In twenty minutes it will be ready to serve.

Mock Cream For Coffee

Heat a quart of new milk. Work together a dessertspoonful of sweet butter, with a teaspoon of flour, thinning it with a little of the hot Beverages.

Domestic Ginger Beer

Put 2 gallons of cold water on the fire, add to it 2 ounces of ginger and 2 pounds of sugar. Let this boil a half hour, skim the liquor and pour it into a jar with 1 sliced lemon and 1/2 ounce Cream tartar. When nearly cold put into it a teacupful of yeast to cause it to work. When it has worked 2 days, strain it into bottles and cork tight. Tie the corks down firmly.


Three lemons to a quart of water, 6 tablespoons of sugar. Put the sugar in a pitcher, pour the lemon-juice on sugar, cut a part of lemons in slices and put with the juice and sugar, stir well and pour on water and pounded ice.


Three pounds brown sugar, 3 pints boiling water, 1 pint molasses, 1/4 pound tartaric acid, 1 ounce essence wintergreen or sassafras, mix the ingredients and pour the boiling water on. Let it stand till cold and bottle, cork tight and put in cool place. Put 2 tablespoonsful in a tumbler, nearly fill with water, stir in a third of a teaspoonful soda. A delicious drink in hot weather. Will keep good a year milk. Add the mixture to the milk and beat it constantly for five minutes while boiling; then remove it from the fire and continue to beat it for five minutes longer. Have ready, well beaten, very light, the yolks of two fresh eggs, and add them to the Cream while hot, mix well, strain through a fine sieve, and afterwards beat it until very light.

Proportion Of Coffee To Water

In making only 1 quart of coffee use 4 heaping tablespoonsful of ground coffee to 1 quart of water. If making a quantity, take 3 heaping tablespoonsful to 1 quart of water. 1 quart of coffee will make 6 ordinary cups as full as necessary.

Cherry Shrub

Boil the cherries till tender, strain out the juice and to each quart put 1 pint sugar. Cook 15 minutes, bottle and seal the corks with wax. Put a tablespoonful of this syrup in a tumbler, fill up with ice water, and you have a delicious beverage in hot weather.

Raspberry Vinegar

Put 4 pounds very ripe raspberries into 3 quarts of the best vinegar, and let them stand 3 or 4 days. Strain the vinegar through a jelly bag and pour it on the same quantity of fruit. Repeat the process in three days a third time. To each pound of the liquor thus obtained add 1 pound of fine sugar. Bottle it, and let stand covered but not tightly corked a week. Then cork tight and keep in cellar. Add water to it when you drink it.


Two teaspoons of tea to one coffee cup of boiling water. Scald the tea pot well; put in the tea and covering close, set it on the stove one minute to warm. Pour on enough boiling water to cover and let it stand ten minutes to draw. Do not let it boil. Fill with as much boiling water as you need, and send hot to the table. Boiling after the tea is made, injures the flavor, making it rank and "herby".

Black Tea

An earthen tea pot, that can be easily cleansed, well scalded. Boiling water (fresh). A teaspoon of tea to a person. Steep but not boil ten minutes.

Egg Lemonade. Philadelphia Press

Break an egg into a tumbler. Rub two lumps of sugar on the rind of a fine lemon. Put the sugar into the tumbler, squeeze the lemon in with the squeezer, half fill the tumbler with fine ice, fill up with water and with a shaker, shake the whole vigorously for a few seconds, then grate a little nutmeg over the top. If you have no shaker beat the egg with a fork.

Syrup For Beverages

Pour a pint of boiling water on a pint of sugar. When dissolved bottle for use. The use of syrup prevents the last of a cup being too sweet.