Custards for supper and an endless host of other such ladylike luxuries."-Shelly.

Sweet to the sense and lovely to the eye"

Apple Ice

Take fresh stewed apples that look white, run them through a sieve. To 1 teacupful of the sauce take 6 tablespoons of sugar and the whites of two eggs beaten to a stiff froth. Beat all together with a fork, flavor with lemon.

Amber Cream

Soak 1/2 box of gelatine in 1 quart of milk 10 minutes. Let it come to a boil and stir in the yolks of 6 eggs beaten with 7 heaping tablespoons of powdered sugar. Cook until like soft custard. When it has been off the stove just 5 minutes, put in the beaten whites, flavor and mould.

Bohemian Cream

Four ounces of any kind of fruit passed through a sieve. After sweetening, 1 1/2 ounces isinglass dissolved to 1/2 pint fruit, 1 pint of rich Cream whipped.


One-half box gelatine, 1 pint boiling water, 1 teacup sugar. Flavor with vanilla. 3 pints rich Cream, whipped.

Bavarian Cream

Soak 1/2 box of gelatine in a cup of cold water. Boil 1 pint of Cream or rich milk and 11 tablespoonfuls of sugar. Blanch and roll 3/4 of a pound of almonds. Pour the hot milk over them and when cool add the gelatine, flavor with vanilla, add 1 pint of whipped Cream last. For peach or strawberry Cream omit the vanilla and almonds and add 1 teacupful of fruit cooked as thick as marmalade, and use only 1/2 cup of sugar.

Banana Ice Cream

One pint of milk, 1 pint of Cream, 2 eggs, 1 coffeecup of sugar, vanilla to taste. Beat the eggs till frothy, add the sugar gradually and then stir till eggs and sugar are thoroughly mixed. Lastly add milk and cream. Stir all well before placing in the freezer. When the cream is half frozen add 3 bananas finely cut with a silver knife. For peach Cream leave out the eggs and use 1 can of peaches rubbed through a fine colander or sieve. Mix with the Cream and freeze.

Currant Ice

One pint of currant juice, 1 pound of sugar, 1 pint of water. Mix well, and when partly frozen add the whites of 3 eggs well beaten.

Coffee Cream

One pint of milk, 1/2 box (scant) gelatine, 1 ounce ground coffee, pint rich Cream, 2 eggs, 3/4 cups sugar. Dissolve gelatine in 1/2 pint of milk, put the coffee in the other half, let it stand 1 hour, then steam coffee in milk 10 minutes, add gelatine and sugar beaten with the yolks, strain through fine muslin. When it begins to stiffen, beat the Cream and whites of eggs separately, then add to the mixture. Pour into a mould and when cold it is ready for use. Chocolate can be used as a substitute for coffee, in which case 2 tablespoons of grated chocolate is sufficient.

Caramel Jelly

A delightful addition to baked custard.

Three-fourth cup granulated sugar, 1/3 box gelatine, 1 large pint water, 6 drops almond extract. Soak the gelatine in 1/2 pint water 30 minutes. Let the other half be boiling hot on the stove. Melt the sugar in a small pan, without water, stir constantly. When it boils and is of a rich amber color, stir very slowly into the boiling water, add gelatine and water, strain, flavor and pour into a bowl. When the custard is baked and cold, turn it on a platter, and pile the jelly around it. If the custard is baked in a square pan, it will look much prettier when turned out.