Iced Apples

Pare and core nice cooking apples, make very sweet, put into a pan with a little water, cover closely, and stew rapidly on top of the stove until thoroughly cooked. Place them in a baking dish. Make a nice icing and put over thick. Set it in the stove and brown lightly. When cold serve with thick Cream.

Caro Dana's Lemon Ice

from 8 to 10 lemons. Sugar more than for lemonade. 2 quarts water. Let the lemon peel stand in whilst you cool it on ice, then strain and freeze.

Oakland Frozen Lemonade

To 1 quart of rich lemonade add the well beaten whites of 6 eggs. Mix them well and freeze the mixture.

Macedonian Jelly

Let 2 ounces of gelatine dissolve in 3 pints of cold water, set for half an hour on the fire and melt gradually, add the juice of 4 lemons, 12 spoonfuls of sugar, and stir in the well beaten whites of 2 eggs, over a slow fire. As soon as it boils throw in a large spoonful of cold water. Skim the froth from the top, and strain through a wet flannel jelly-bag. Cool a little of this jelly in a mould, and place on ice. As soon as set, add Malaga grapes removed from the stem, add another layer of jelly, then grapes, repeating the process till the mould is full, having a layer of jelly on top. While the layers are cooling, keep the rest of the jelly warm on the fire. Instead of grapes, small.

Orange Jelly

Peel and cut up 6 oranges, sugar well, 1/2 box of gelatine, 1/2 pint cold water, soak 1 hour. 1 1/2 pints boiling water, sugar and flavor with 2 lemons and stick cinnamon, color with burnt sugar. Pour over oranges.

Orange Sponge

One pound of sugar in a bowl, 6 good sized oranges, squeeze, and stir the juice on sugar. Dissolve 3 1/2 sheets of Cooper's isinglass in water. Add this to the sugar. Juice of 1 1/2 lemons, drop in the whites of 3 eggs well beaten. Beat all together till it is thick and frothy. Put in a shape, and set on ice.

Peach Jelly

Dissolve in sufficient water, 1 ounce of isinglass, strain it. Halve 12 large peaches and pare them. Make a syrup of 1 pound sugar and a half pint of water. Into this put the fruit and kernels, boil gently pieces of pine-apple may be used, or the kernels of English walnuts in halves.


Beat the whites of 6 eggs in a broad plate to a stiff froth. Then add gradually 6 tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar. To make it thicker use more sugar up to a pint. Beat in about 1 heaping tablespoonful of preserved peaches, cut in tiny bits, or 1 cup of jelly. Set on ice until thoroughly chilled. In serving pour in each saucer some rich Cream flavored and sweetened. On the cream place some of the moonshine.

Neapolitan Blanc Mange

One box gelatine, 3 pints of milk, a pinch of salt. Put the gelatine into the milk and boil up once. Sweeten to taste. Divide into 4 parts. One part flavor with vanilla, 2nd part heat together with yolks. Steam till melted 1 little square of chocolate and pour 3d part of milk and gelatine over this. Fourth part tint with cochineal. Flavor as you wish. Wait until almost cold, then pour in mould each layer, one on the other. Set away until cold and hardened 15 minutes, then place the fruit on a plate, and cook the syrup 10 minutes longer. Add to it the juice of 3 lemons and the isinglass. A pyramid mould is pretty for this. Fill part full of jelly, and when set, put in 1/4 of the peaches. Let it harden, and then add more jelly and so on. Base of mould be of jelly.

Pine Apple Jelly

Four large tablespoonfuls of Cox's gelatine, 1 pint of water, 1 large cup of sugar, juice of 2 lemons. Make it scalding hot and strain. While cooling stir in 1/2 can of grated pine-apple.

Russia Cream

Four eggs, 1 cup of sugar, 1 quart of milk, 1/2 box gelatine dissolved in 1/2 pint of warm water. Beat the yolks of eggs and sugar together, and cook with the milk like custard. Take from the fire and add the well beaten whites of the eggs, stirring rapidly for a few minutes. Add the gelatine, then a teaspoonful of vanilla. Pour into a mould to harden. Turn out upon a platter and cut off in blocks as in ice cream. Make this the day before.

Scorched Cream

One quart sweet milk, 3 eggs, 6 ounces sugar, 3 tablespoonfuls flour. Bring the milk to a boil, and stir in the ingredients. Boil all together two or three minutes. Pour into a deep dish, and sprinkle sugar over the top, and scorch with a very hot flat-iron. Eaten cold, is nice to eat with ripe currants or any small fruit.

Tapioca And Peaches

One cup tapioca soaked, when soft add 1 cup sugar, and cook in water till tender. When done stir in canned peaches. Put in mould. Eat cold with Cream.

Tapioca Cream

Two tablespoonfuls of tapioca, wash, and soak 2 hours. Put in a quart of boiling milk and cook 1/2 hour. Beat the yolks of 4 eggs with a little sugar, add, and cook three minutes longer. Beat the whites to a stiff froth, take the pudding from the fire and stir in flavoring and beaten whites. Serve cold.