The Degree of white Woodcraftsman may be conferred on those who take 9 of the following tests:

1. Take, develop, and print photographs of 12 separate subjects, 3 interiors, 3 portraits, 3 landscapes, and 3 instantaneous "action photos".

*2. Make a recognizable photograph of any wild bird larger than a robin, while on its nest.

*3. Make a recognizable photograph of a wild animal in its native haunts.

4. Make a recognizable photograph of a fish in the water.

*5. Map correctly from the country itself the main features of half a mile of road, with 440 yards each side to a scale of 2 feet to the mile, and afterward draw same map from memory.

*6. Measure the height of a tree, telegraph pole, and church steeple without climbing.

7. Measure width of a river without crossing.

8. Estimate distance apart of two objects a known distance away and unapproachable, within an average of 10 per cent, of error in 10 different trials.

9. Can measure a gradient.

10. Can estimate the speed of a stream.

11. Can tell the number of gallons of water going over a fall or down a stream.

12. Can estimate the horsepower of a given fall.

13. Teach the last seven to some one else.

(The Little Lodge may take three of the first six and three of the second - that is, six in all).