HONORS are of two kinds, individual, and group or degree. Any brave may take both kinds, if he wishes. The standards for the individual honors, it will be seen, are higher.

I shall give these first, as they have been in use from the beginning.

Decorations For Individual Honors

The decorations for the exploits are: eagle-feathers and wampum medals. Thus, the emblems of a high honor or grand coup would be an eagle feather with a red tuft on the end, and a wampum or beaded medal for the head band or necklace.

The symbol for a low honor or coup would be a plain eagle feather - that is without any tuft and a wampum or beaded medal of half-size.

Thus, it will be seen that the medals do not take the place of the feathers, but repeat the honor in another form.

Decorations For Group Honors Or Degrees

The decoration for the group honors or degrees, of which there are twenty-four, set forth on pages 117-141 is an honor band made in beads, quills, or embroidery. These honor bands are used as arm bands or as decorations of the war shirt.