The Degree of Village Scout may be conferred on those who take 14 of these tests:

*1. Know how to turn in an alarm for fire.

2. Know how to enter burning buildings. *3. Know how to prevent the spread of fire.

4. Understand the use of hose; unrolling, joining up, connecting two hydrants, use of nozzles, etc.

5. Understand the use of escapes, ladders, and chutes.

6. Know how to improvise ropes and nets. *7. Know what to do in case of panic.

8. Understand the fireman's lift and drag.

9. How to work in fumes.

10. Understand the use of fire-extinguishers.

11. How to rescue animals.

12. How to save property.

13. How to organize a bucket brigade.

14. How to aid the police in keeping back crowds.

15. How to ride a wheel. *16. Repair a puncture.

*17. Walk 4 miles in one hour.

18, Know the signs:

Village Scout Or Big Village Scout Odena Winini 113

Meaning respectively:

Official mark, fire-plug 8 feet out, please remove dust, add, subtract, divide, multiply, equals, parallel, plumb, circle, more than, less than, triangle, right-angle, square, because, therefore, this direction, male, female young.