The Degree of Traveler may be conferred on those who take 11 of these tests:

1. Have walked 1 mile in 11 minutes. (14 in L. L.) *2. Have tramped 30 miles a day. (Not open to L. L).

3. Have climbed 1 of the standard peaks (p. 103).

4. Knows at least 15 star groups, including the Dipper and the Little Bear. (10 in L. L).

*5. Have camped out in at least 10 different States or countries.

6. Have entered the Arctic or Antarctic circles.

7. Have crossed the Equator.

8. Can take exact latitude and longitude with instruments.

*9. Can take latitude within 2 degrees of error, with home-made instruments.

10. Have made a compass survey of 100 miles of coun-try.

11. Have traveled at least 100,000 miles by rail or steamship or other means.

*12. Have traveled 500 miles on foot, by bicycle, by canoe, or in saddle, camping out.

13. Know 200 signs of the Sign Language. (100 for L. L).

14. Can make himself comfortable in the woods with only wildwood material.

15. Can swim 100 yards.

16. Have slept out 30 nights.