The Degree of Wise Woodman may be conferred on those who take 12 of these tests:

*1. Have a list of 100 different kinds of birds personally observed on exploration in the field. (50 for L. L).

2. Have identified beyond question, by appearance or by note, 45 different kinds of birds in one day. (25 for L. L).

3. Have made a good clear photograph of some wild bird, the bird image to be over J inch in length on the negative. (Any size image for L. L).

4. Have secured at least two tenants in bird boxes erected by himself. (1 for L. L).

5. Have daily notes on the nesting of a pair of wild birds from the time the first egg is laid until the young have left the nest. (Daily notes 20 to the month for L. L).

6. Have attracted at least 3 kinds of birds, exclusive of the English sparrow, to a "lunch counter" which he has supplied. (Include English sparrow for L. L).

*7. Have a knowledge of the game laws of the state in which he lives.

*8. Preserve and mount the skin of a game bird, or animal, killed in season. (Preserve only for L. L.) 9. Mount for a rug the pelt of some fur animal. *10. Know 25 different kinds of trees. (15 for L. L.) *11. Know 30 different wild flowers. (20 for L. L).

12. Know 10 different snakes. (5 for L. L).

13. Know 10 different fungi. (5 for L. L).

14. Know the signs of weather.

15. Make fire with the rubbing-sticks.