All who would learn the life, and take on the vows of the other Lodges, must pass through three stages of: (1) Indian Boy; (2) Young Brave; and (3) Minisino or Tried Warrior.

Before being admitted as an Indian Boy, he must:

(1) Know the laws of the Lodge.

(2) Have slept out three nights without a roof overhead (tents allowed).

(3) Be proposed, seconded, posted, for one Moon, if not in camp, or for seven suns when in camp; and then voted into a Band by that Band (one blackball to exclude).

After this, he faces some trial of his fortitude, and, if found worthy, may take the vow in this wise:

Standing before the Old Guide or Medicine Man in oper Council, he shall be questioned and instructed, so he shall know more fully of the sacred purpose of the Order. Then, the Medicine Man shall say to him:

"Is it your serious wish to become a member of the Order of Woodcraft Indians?"

Ans. "It is".

"Can any here testify that you have fully qualified, by learning the law of the Lodge, by sleeping out for three nights, and by being found acceptable to the Band yOu wish to join?"

Ans. (by the officer who knows): "Yes, O Chief, I can vouch for him".

"You know our laws; we shall take them one by one. (1) "Do you promise obedience to the Council?"

Ans. "I do".

(And so, through the twelve laws, whereby he is bound to obedience, courage, cleanliness, abstinence from firewater, tobacco; and to cherish the Great Spirit's gifts; and to kindness, fair-play, loyalty, silence, reverence, honor).

The Medicine Man then says: "Raise your right hand and say after me: 'I give my word of honor that I will obey the Chief and Council and the laws of my Tribe, and if at any time I fail in my duty, I will appear before the Council, when ordered, and submit without murmuring to its decision.'"

Now, the Medicine Man pins the badge over the candidate's heart, takes him by the hand, and says: "I receive you into our Order, and, by this badge, I confer on you the degree of Indian Boy in the Band, and declare your instal-ation complete, as a member of ... . Band in the Little Lodge Big Lodge".

Thus he enters the Tribe and the Order by joining a Band.

The Little Lodge (For Those Under 15 Years Old)

Having thus entered the Little Lodge as Indian Boy, the next step is Young Brave. To become a Young Brave, the Indian Boy must:

(1) Have served one month at least in his low degree.

(2) Know fifty signs of the Sign Language.

(3) Know ten forest trees.

(4) Walk a mile in fifteen minutes.

(5) Swim fifty yards.

(6) Follow a trail a quarter of a mile (no snow) in one hour.

(7) Know the Dipper and the Pole Star.

(8) Light five successive fires with one match each, in different places; wildwood material only.

(9) Have slept out twelve nights (it need not be in succession).

Minisino Or Tried Warrior

To become a Minisino the Young Brave must:

(1) Know elementary first aid.

(2) Know twenty forest trees; fruit, leaf and trunk.

(3) Know one hundred signs of the Sign Language.

(4) Light ten successive campfires with ten matches (with wildwood material).

(5) Tie five standard knots in a rope.

(6) Swim one hundred yards.

(7) Walk three miles in one hour.

(8) Know the Pole Star, the two Dippers, and at least three of the other constellations.

(9) Have slept out thirty nights.

(10) Be sunburnt to the waist.

(11) Have cooked nine digestible meals by the campfire.

(12) Have a good record in keeping the Laws of the Order.

The Big Lodge (For Those 15 Years Of Age, And Over)

To become an Indian Boy in the Big Lodge, the qualification is the same as in the Little Lodge, excepting that the candidate must be fifteen or over.

If he is a graduate of the Little Lodge, he may take his Second Degree without waiting a month.

Young Brave

To become a Young Brave, the Indian Boy must:

Have had one month's service as Boy, and take the same tests as in the Little Lodge are required to qualify for Minisino or Tried Warrior.


To become a Minisino, the Young Brave must:

(1) Have a thorough course in first aid.

(2) Know two hundred signs of the Sign Language.

(3) Know ten constellations.

(4) Know twenty-five native wild birds.

(5) Know fifteen native wild quadrupeds.

(6) Know thirty forest trees.

(7) Know twenty wild flowers.

(8) Swim one hundred yards in three minutes.

(9) Make a rubbing-stick fire with tools made by himself.

(10) Light fifteen successive fires with fifteen matches all in different places and with wildwood stuff.

(11) Single-paddle a canoe one mile in twenty minutes.

(12) Tie ten standard knots in a rope.

(13) Make an Indian bed, or else a serviceable bow and arrow.

(14) Dance any good campfire dance.

(15) Walk four miles in one hour.

(16) Set up a two-man tent, single-handed.

(17) Be able to make a comfortable, rainproof shelter, and a dry, comfortable bed, also light a fire and cook a meal, including roast meat, boiled potatoes, and fresh bread, with no tools or utensils but a hatchet and what he can make with it.