The Redman's Way

THUS have I shown forth the ways of the great Redmen. And their high code I would here set down for the growth and guidance of all young people, for the building up of their bodies and the helping and strengthening of their souls. That they may go forth with the seeing eye, the steady hand and muscles that fail not; and learn to know the pleasant ways of the woods, and be in all-wise masters of themselves. That no manner of stress or ill-fortune or hardship or wounding of the spirit may come, but they shall face it without flinching. Yea, with the calm fortitude of the Proven Minisino, rather rejoicing that the Great Spirit has been pleased to send them so noble an occasion to show forth how fully each one, by his will, is ruler of a great soul in its worthy tabernacle.

This is, indeed, the thought in our Nation and in the Lodge of Vigil:

Our watchword is "Blue Sky." For under the blue sky, in the sunlight, we seek to live our lives; and our thoughts are of "blue sky," for that means "cheer"; and when there are clouds, we know that the blue sky is ever behind them, and will come again.

Our totem is the white horned-shield, with horns of blue.

The horns are given to fight, and the shield to ward off. In these, we symbolize that we are ready for all manner of trial.

The Redman s Way 2

Our war-cry is "How Kola! How Kola! How Kola! Shunka meneetu Yaooooooo!" (which is the "Hail! Brother," and the wolf, and the howl of the wolf).

Our sign is the closed hand held up, with little finger and thumb out as horns; and raising the hand, so held palm forward to the head, and down, is both a courteous salute and a sign that we are of the Brotherhood. Some also in salute add the word "How" or "Haw".