Campercraft And Scouting

Bee Line

Come to camp through strange woods from a point one mile off and return in 30 minutes, for coup; in 20 for grand coup.

Match Fire

Light 15 campfires in succession with 15 matches, all in different places, all with stuff found in the woods by himself, one at least to be on a wet day, for coup; if all 15 are done on wet days, or if he does 30, of which two are on wet days, it counts grand coup.

Flint And Steel Fire

To light 15 campfires in succession with wildwood tinder, one at least on a wet day, and none to take over a minute from striking the flint, to having the blazes, coup; if all 15 are done on one day, or if he does 30 fires in unbroken succession, two at least on wet days, and in no case more than half a minute from strike to blaze, grand coup.

Rubbing Stick Fire

Light a fire with a fire-drill or rubbing-sticks, with material of one's own gathering, counts coup; to do it in one minute counts grand coup.

Water Boiling

Boil one quart of water in a 2-quart pail in 11 minutes for coup; in 9 minutes for grand coup. Allowed one log, one match, one axe or hatchet. The water is boiling when jumping and bubbling all over the surface.


To chop down three 6-inch trees in succession in 60 seconds each, throwing them to drive each a given stake, coup; in 45 seconds each, grand coup.


To make 30 different standard knots in a rope, for coup; 50 for grand coup.


To catch 10 horses or cattle in corral, with 10 throws of the lasso, counts coup; to catch 10 on the range in 10 throws counts a grand coup.


To catch a horse or beef by each of his four feet in four successive throws, grand coup.


To catch, throw, and "hog-tie" a beef or horse in 2 1/2 minutes for coup, in 1 1/2 minutes for grand coup. The record is said to be 40 seconds.

Diamond Hitch

Pack a horse with not less than 100 pounds of stuff, with diamond hitch, to hold during 8 hours of travel, coup. Ten days in succession, a grand coup.

Size Guessing

To guess one inch, one foot, one yard, one rod, one acre, 100 yards, 200 yards, one quarter mile, one half mile, and a mile, within 20 per cent, of average error, for coup; 10 per cent, for grand coup.

Height And Weight Guessing

To guess the height of 10 trees or other high things, and the weight of 10 stones or other things ranging from one ounce to 100 pounds, within 10 per cent, of average error, for coup; 5 per cent, for grand coup.

Gauging Farness

To measure the height of 10 trees without climbing, or 10 distances across a river, etc., without crossing, within 10 per cent. of average error, for coup; 5 per cent. for grand coup. Tools: an axe and a pocket rule only.

Star Gazing

Know and name 15 star groups, for coup; know 20 star groups and tell the names and something about at least one star in each, for grand coup.


Take the latitude from the stars at night with a cart wheel, or some home-made instrument, 10 times from different points, within one degree of average error, for coup; one half degree for grand coup.


A coup for being able to take correct latitude, longitude, and local time. A grand coup for having passed the Royal Geographical Society's examination of "expert traveler".

Red Cross

A grand coup for having passed the Red Cross examination of first aid to the wounded.

Life Saving

For passing the U. S. Vol. Life Saving Corps diploma test for life saving in the water, a coup. For the same and an actual rescue, grand coup.

Throwing Life Buoy

For those under 18: To throw it 40 feet within 10 feet of the mark, is coup; the same but 45 feet within 5 feet of the mark is grand coup. In each case 3 out of 5.

For those over 18: To throw it 55 feet within 10 feet of the mark is coup; 60 feet within 5 feet of the mark is grand coup. In each case 3 times out of 5 .

Boat Builder

Build a boat that will carry two men and that can be paddled, rowed, or sailed by them 6 miles an hour, coup; 7 miles an hour, grand coup.

Birch Canoe

To have made a birch canoe that has traveled, with at least one man aboard, 100 miles or more in safety, grand coup.

In Sign-talking to know and use correctly 200 signs for coup; 400 signs, grand coup.

Wigwag Or Myer Signaling

To know this code and signal, as well as receive a message a quarter mile off, at the rate of 10 words a minute, for coup.

The same, at a mile, 24 words a minute, for grand coup.

Morse Code

The same.


Know and clearly discriminate the tracks of 25 of our common wild quadrupeds, also trail one for a mile and secure it, without aid of snow, coup. Similarly discriminate 50 tracks, and follow 3 tracks a mile as before, but for 3 different animals, grand coup.

Indian Bed

Make an Indian bed of at least 60 rods, all tied tight for coup. Make one of 80 or more rods with 4 cords all straight, and bound at the edges, for grand coup.


Cook 12 digestible meals for at least three persons, using ordinary camp outfit, coup. Or 21 meals and in addition make good bread each day for grand coup.

Wilderness Cooking

Make and bake bread, fry fish or meat and boil potatoes or fish without pots or pans. Coup or grand coup, according to merit.


Build a habitable log cabin not less than 6x8, with wind-tight walls and waterproof roof. Coup or grand coup, according to merit.

Tent Or Teepee

Make a two-man tent or an 8-foot teepee, or better, single handed and set them up; for coup or grand coup, according to merit.


To have made and run for three days a perfect latrine in Army fashion, coup or grand coup, according to merit.


To have made a serviceable basket of wild-wood materials and not less than 5 inches across; for coup or grand coup, according to merit.


To have woven a good grass or rush rug, square and even, not less than 2x5 feet, coup or grand coup, according to merit.

Blazes And Signs

Make the 4 usual Indian Signs or Blazes on tree trunk, in twigs, grass, stones, give the smoke signals, and add 25 other signs or pictographs used by the Indians. Coup or grand coup, according to merit.


Open and lead the Council, light the sacred fire, performing the Peace Pipe ceremony and the Naming ceremony. Know three Indian dances songs and the Omaha Invocation. Coup or grand coup, according to merit.


Know three Indian dancing songs and be able to dance and teach the Snake dance, the War dance, the Caribou dance and the Scalp dance, for coup. Add the New Sun dance, the Seneca War dance and the Dog dance for grand coup.

Peace Messenger

Know 100 signs of the Sign Language and translate into English from any other language sen-ences amounting to 300 words, coup. Know 200 signs and translate from two languages, grand coup. Indian Clock. Make an Indian clock, that is, a sun-ial, that works. Coup or grand coup, according to merit. Map. Make a correct map of a region one mile long, mile wide, such as a mile of highway, taking in of a mile on each side, marking every house, fence, hill, and prominent tree, etc. When there is a stream, indicate the size, speed, gallons it runs per hour and bridges. Coup or grand coup, according to merit.

Sweat Lodge

Make and use properly a Sweat Lodge three times in one week, in two of the times it may be given to another person for coup.

Run a Sweat Lodge successfully for one month, treating at least a dozen patients, grand coup.

Bow And Arrows

Make a bow and 6 arrows that will carry 100 yards, coup; 150 yards, grand coup.


Make and decorate a tomtom; coup or grand coup, according to merit.


(Revised by Will H. Thompson, of Seattle, Wash).

Make a total score of 300 with 60 shots (in one or two meets), 4-foot target at 40 yards (or 3-foot target at 30 yards), for coup; make 400 for grand coup.

Shoot so fast and far as to have 6 arrows in the air at once, for coup; 7, for grand coup. (According to Catlin, the record is 8).

For children (under 10), to send an arrow 90 yards, coup; 115 yards, grand coup. For boys (10 to 14), to send an arrow 125 yards, coup; 150 grand coup. For lads (14 to 18), to send an arrow 175 yards, coup; 200 grand coup. For men (over 18), to send an arrow 250 yards, coup; 275, grand coup.

To hit the Burlap Deer in the heart, first shot:

For Boys at 45 yards, coup; 55 yards, grand coup " Lads " 60 " " 70 " " Men " 75 " " 85 "

(The heart is 9 inches across).

To cover a mile:

Children in 19 shots for coup; 15 shots for grand coup Boys " 14 " " " 11 " " " Lads " 10 " " " 9 " " " Men " 8 " " " 7 " " "