The Medicine Man, standing in front of the ready-laid fire, opens Council thus: "Neetah Kola nayhoon-po omnicheeyay nee-chopi - Hear me, my friends, we are about to hold a council.

"Now light we the Council Fire after the manner of the Forest children, not in the way of the white man, but - even as Wakonda himself doth light his fire - by the rubbing together of two trees in the storm-wind, so cometh forth the sacred fire from the wood of the forest".

(He uses the drill; the smoke comes, the flame bursts forth.) "Now know we that Wakonda, whose dwelling is above the Thunder-bird, whose messenger is the Thunder-bird, hath been pleased to smile on his children, hath sent down the sacred fire. By this we know he will be present at our Council, that his wisdom will be with us.

"This is a Council of Peace, so light we first the Pipe of Peace".

(Kneeling at the fire he lights the pipe. As soon as it is going, he lifts the pipe grasped in both hands, with the stem toward the sky, saying):

To Wakonda; that his wisdom be with us. Hay-oon-kee-ya. Noon-way.

(All answer): Noon-way. (Amen, or this is our prayer).

To Maka Ina, Mother Earth, that she send us food, Hay-oon-kee-ya. Noon-way. (All answer): Noon-way.

To Weeyo-peata, the Sunset Wind, that he come not in his strength upon us. Hay-oon-kee-oon-ee-ya-snee. Noon-way. (Then blows smoke and holds the stem to the west).

(All answer): Noon-way.

To Wazi-yata, the Winter Wind, that he harm us not with his cold, Hay-oon-kee-oon-ee-ya-snee. Noon-way. (Pipe as before).

(All answer;: Noon-way.

To Weeyo-hinyan-pata, the Sunrise Wind, that he trouble us not with his rain. Hay-oon-kee oon-ee-ya-snee. Noon-way. (Pipe as before).

(All answer): Noon-way.

To Okaga, the Hot Wind, that he strike us not with his fierce heat, Hay-oon-kee-oon-ee-ya-snee. Noon-way. (Pipe as before).

(All answer): Noon-way.

Then the Medicine Man stands holding the pipe in one hand and proclaims aloud: "Now with the Blessing of Wakonda and respite from the Tah-tee-yay To-pa, we may deal with business of gravest import, doubting nothing, for wisdom from above is with us".