(Not open to boys, i.e., those under 14).

By Sir Martin Conway, ex-President of the Alpine Club.

The exploits in this class are repeaters. The first one to climb a standard peak gets double honors; one for climb, one for first climb.

For Lads (I.e., Over 14 And Under 18)

Coup. In Great Britain

Ben Macdhuie, Ben Nevis, Ben Lomond, Ben Cruachan, Snowdon, Scarfell.

In Europe

Vesuvius, Breithorn.

In North America

Mt. Washington; Electric Peak, Wyo.

Grand Coup. In Europe

Mt. Blanc, Monte Viso, Etna, Monte Rosa.

In North America

Pike's Peak, Shasta, Adams.

In Asia

Fujiyama; Tabor. Add to this all the honor list of next.

For Men (I.e., All Over 18)

Coup. In Europe

Mt. Blanc, Monte Rosa, Monte Viso, Ecrins, Grand Paradis, Jungfrau, Finsteraarhorn, Wetter-horn, Bernina, Ortler, Gross Glockner, Matterhorn from Zermatt.

In North America

St. Helen's, Adams, Shasta, Hood, Rainier, Mt. Shaughnessy, Mt. Stephen, Popocatepetl; Orizaba.

Grand Coup. In Europe

Meije, Aig. du Grepon, Aig. du Geant, Aig. du Dru, Matterhorn (by Italian or Stockje ridges), Dent Blanche, Mischabelhorner from Seas, Schreckhorn, Monte di Scerscen, Funffinger Sp., Kleine Zinne.

In North America

Mt. Sir Donald, Mt. Logan, Mt. Assiniboine, Mt. Fairweather, Mt. St. Elias, Grand Teton, Mt. McKinley. Any peak in Alaska over 13,000 feet high.

In South America

Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Illimani, Aconcagua.

In Asia

Any peak 19,000 feet high.

In Africa

Any peak over 15,000 feet high.