Everything that can be said in favor of firearms for use in general sport applies to the rifle only (and its understudy the revolver). The scatter-gun has no official existence for us. It is ruination to the marksman's power and should be abolished. A rifle range is a desirable adjunct to all grown-up camps. Honors awarded according to the army standards.

Revolver Shot

Target 4x4 ft. Bull's eye 8 inches (counts 4 points). Inner ring 2 feet (3 points). Outer, the rest of target (2 points).

Distance, 30 yards. Ninety-six shots divided in any number up to six days, one hand, standing:

250 points count coup) 300, grand coup. Half with left hand only; half with right only: 230 points, coup; 260, grand coup.


To be a marksman of the highest rank but one, according to militia standards, a coup; to be an expert rifleman of the highest rank, a grand coup.


To spot the Rabbit three times out of five at 60 yards, also to distinguish and map out correctly six Pleiades and see clearly the "Pappoose (Alcor) on the Squaw's (Mizar) back," counts a coup; to spot the Rabbit three times out of five at 70 yards and seven Pleiades and the Pappoose, counts a far sight grand coup. (Those who habitually wear glasses may use them in this test.) (See "Far-sight," among the games).

To make a 75 score in ten tries in the game of Quick-sight, with ten counters, counts coup; a 95 score counts a grand coup. (See "Quick-sight," among the games).