Personal magnetism is still another form of hypnotism. It is a sort of personal trust or personal attraction created in you. Personal magnetism enables you to convince and influence others without having apparently used any of the processes of hypnotizing. Personal magnetism may be strong in you as to completely overpower the minds of those you meet privately, socially or have business. dealings with.

There are many other forms of hypnotism and thousands of things you can do with them which, for lack of space, we will not mention here.

But from what you have already been told about this fascinating and mysterious, art, you want to learn it thoroughly and be able to use it and gain the rewards and advantages it offers in such a liberal measure.

You know that the moment you become able to do the things that others cannot (or think they cannot) do, you step out of the swamp of obscurity on to the road that leads to success.

The person who does things more better or differently than other people do them is no better and no different than other people. That is just why there are always thousands at the foot of the ladder-fearing-doubting-hesitating and losing the good things they might gain, simply because they do not dare attempt to climb.

Thus, the whole secret of success is in doing things differently. And there is no quicker, easier or cheaper way to learn to do things differently and thereby gain success and popularity than through a knowledge of hypnotism. You might compare it to suddenly entering into a new and charmed existence where you were master over everything. It is not like studying a profession that takes years to learn. You may learn hypnotism in a few hours and begin using it right away. And a knowledge of hypnotism is a safe investment that will return bigger and quicker dividends than any other within our experience. It is so easy to learn that thousands have already mastered it and are using it successfully in their private, social and business affairs. Very naturally, you never know that these people understand and use hypnotism, unless they choose to tell you. Successful people have a very sensible habit of not telling everybody just how they gained their success.

Perhaps you can think of one or two right now among your friends and acquaintances who seem to be getting ahead by leaps and bounds, although they apparently put no more effort or energy into their work than other people. That's why you want to learn hypnotism. You can see readily enough that it pays in every way and pays big.

greatest and most useful of all the occult sciences to be analyzed and given to the world.

While hypnotism is vouched for by the foremost scholars of the age, it is also a fact that our lessons have been studied by many thousands of students in all the countries of the civilized globe. This is a far greater number of students than have ever graduated from any institute, college or university in the world. It proves the worth and superiority of our instruction. We might add here that ours was the first and original course of instruction in hypnotism and kindred arts ever written and offered for sale.

Others have attempted to teach its secret but have met with failure. Our complete correspondence course of 79 lessons in hypnotism and allied sciences is the best course of instruction, teaching the art of hypnotism, etc., that money, brains and experience can furnish. Our course of instruction is so clear and plain and the secret is revealed to you in such a manner that you should not fail to understand and be able to use this wonderful force.

While the study and practice of hypnotism is full of profit and fascination, there is no danger or risk whatever connected with hypnotising when our methods are followed. Hypnotism itself is absolutely harmless and cannot injure anyone.

Either sex can learn it and begin practicing the art at once.

The age of the operator makes no difference. However, to be most successful, a person should be fourteen years of age or over. But many, even younger persons, are highly successful with it and none are too old. Strong will power is not necessary, if you wish to become a hypnotist. And it is not true that the stronger will power always controls the weaker. The knowledge and use of hypnotism strengthens the will power, increases confidence and improves both mind and body. For all these reasons and a hundred others, you should learn hypnotism.

It gives you practical advantages of all kinds on every hand.

It opens up possibilities you never dreamed of. Power, position and influence, you may gain. There are mysteries of all kinds you may be able to explain, if you learn the secret of hypnotism.

Take, for instance, Telepathy, Catalepsy, Mind Reading, Clairvoyance, Spiritualism, Magnetism, Trances, Somnambulism, Visions and other Mental Phenomena.

A thousand conflicting theories have been advanced to explain these subjects, just as so many contrary ideas and opinions are held in different sections regarding hypnotism. Regardless of the theories, you want to know all about these things as well as all about hypnotism. You want facts-and you want the facts explained so you can understand them.

Speaking of facts, let us again remind you that hypnotism is a fact that has been recognized and credited under different names, from the earliest records of history and civilization. But while the fact itself has been known, its forces had not been controlled until recent years. Now that the art has been studied and solved, it is known to be so limple and easy that it may be learned by anyone who can read. It is the first, All the secrets of the art are given in a plain language, without omitting one point or word that could be helpful to a complete understanding of the subject.

The study of hypnotism is as easy as it is fascinating and regardless of what people may have told you or what your previous ideas on the subject have been, you will find it as easy as the simplest lesson you learned in school. And from our instruction, you can learn every detail of the occult arts. The positions of the subject and operator are shown in every method of producing and directing the trance.

Not only this, but many actual seances are given, showing just how to plan and present successful entertainments to large audiences.

To give a complete index of the subject matter of the lessons or even a list of the different subjects would require too much space here.

All the different methods and processes of hypnotizing are given in full, including our own celebrated method. Complete instructions for presenting professional stage exhibitions of hypnotism in theatres, etc., appear in a portion of the course. This is one of the quickest and most pleasant sources of revenue for the hypnotist, as it furnishes a steady and generous income for practically no work at all.

Any way you look at hypnotism, you are sure to agree that it is a wonderful advantage and a good thing to know. If you are an eager student, it will open up to a new and fascinating branch of science. If you have any spare time, hypnotism will provide you with endless pleasure and recreation. If you choose to be generous and philanthrophic, hypnotism will enable you to heap comfort upon your less fortunate fellow mortals. If you have lost the love and affection of one you hold dear, you may use this subtle power to regain it. If you are young and truly ambitious and have your own fame and fortune to make in the world, all these mighty privileges will be in your grasp and with them, as you know, lie the means to position, influence, health, happiness and golden wealth.

So, the best and wisest thing you can do, as we believe we have already proven to you, is to learn hypnotism. Every mortal with a grain of real ambition should learn it.

From what you have learned here, together with your previous knowledge of the subject, you will readily agree that you will find plenty of occasions to use the subtle power of hypnotism every day. .

Having shown you that you need it- that you may earn money, gain friends and win favor and popularity through its vibrant force, we are equally sure that you will see the reason for ordering this course at once.

A knowledge of the hypnotic art is. not a luxury in any sense of the word. We maintain that it is an important part of every one's education, and that it is just as essential to success as any of the studies you followed in school. For there are mightly influences that constitute real success in life that are not found in the text matter of school books.

You now have the opportunity of learning the art of hypnotism for a mere trifle.

Our complete course of lessons in hypnotism, etc., teach every branch of the art and with the knowledge furnished in these lessons you are indeed well equipped for success.

What Is Mind-Reading And Telepathy?

Mind-reading and telepathy are the arts by means of which definite thought messages may be intelligently and intentionally projected and received, by parties at any distance without material means of communication. The experiments on thought-force are always fascinating and full of great satisfaction to psychic-researchers.