Hypnotism is that mysterious-subtle, marvelous power that enables you to control mankind, to direct their thoughts, change their desires, improve their talents and banish sickness, suffering and ill-luck or poverty or failure and misery. Hypnotism is the basic science of personal magnetism, which is a mysterious intangible power that truly raises one man above another, bestows him with a power in his community so as to wield a magical influence over his associates and those with whom he comes in contact. By hypnotic influence you as a stage operator can assume command over all the faculties of the subjects, dominate them and direct them as you please. In hypnosis or the state of artificially induced sleep, your subject is unconscious of his own thoughts, feelings, sensations and actions. He may be made to perform anything as you will. He can receive your suggestions or commands of your will and act upon them in all faith and earnestness. In short, a person, in hypnotic sleep is obedient to the very letter of the command of the operator.

There are different important stages in hypnotic sleep-in the first stage the subject is conscious of all that occurs but cannot resist the operator's commands. In the deeper stages of hypnotic sleep the subject's mind is a perfect blank. His mind is amenable to all kinds of suggestions of the operator. Upon recovering he remembers nothing he has said or done while in sleep. All sorts of illusions and hallucinations may be created. The subject may be made to do the most ludicrous things; he may be made to imagine himself an oratbr, a wrestler, a sermon preacher and so forth, or anything in fact that the operator wills or commands.

Hypnotism is perhaps the most wonderful and fascinating power on earth. A hypnotist can creatte fun and amusement by the hour, win new friends and admiration by the score and earn money by the pocketful. He can furnish entertainment of the most startling and laughable kind, make his subjects go through the most ridiculous and side-splitting antics, control the mind and actions of others; make them obey his slightest wish and be the idol and center of interest and attraction in any crowd or social gathering.

His subjects, in the trance, readily do things at his command that they could not be persuaded to do for love or money, while awake. And when they awaken, they know absolutely nothing of what has happened during the trance. With this weird, mysterious spell he may 60 treat and cure diseases, reform the erring, correct bad habits in himself or overcome evil influences and become master of his own future and fortune. As a means of starting upon a stage career, hypnotism offers the most attractive, easiest learned and, in our opinion, the most desirable act from every point of view.

Not a single cent need be expended for properties of any kind, no baggage to carry and no outlay or expense for assistants.

As a professional hypnotist, you can travel and see the world and command a princely salary for doing a few minutes' stage work, which as everybody knows, is really no work at all.

For all these reasons and dozens of others that will readily suggest themselves, hypnotism is an art that every person should master at the very first opportunity! And this magic power of hypnotism-this invisible hypnotic force-this mesmeric mastery-hinges on the simplest secret. A secret you can learn in a single evening without leaving your room.

You can learn it and use it among your friends-yet not one of them will be able to detect the secret, no matter how closely they watch you. You may hypnotize them in a dozen different ways if you choose and use a different method on each subject and occasion.

Learn hypnotism and you can "have them all guessing." You can surprise and mystify both your friends and strangers, place them under this magic spell and compel them to see, think, feel and act precisely as you wish. In a word, you can do hundreds of amazing things that other people cannot do and thus make yourself the most popular in your community.

According to the story, Svengali-the great hypnotist of Paris-hypnotized Trilby, a simple country girl ,and made her the greatest singer in the world and the sensation of Paris. By merely glancing at her, he was able to throw her into the hypnotic trance. And it is related that even the sight of his photograph was; sufficient to cast this weird spell over his beautiful subject.

Yet anybody who can read, may become a hypnotist and accomplish all that Svengali did and even more. The wonderful and fascinating power to hypnotize is not a special talent with which a few lucky mortals are gifted. It is a natural, hidden force, born in everyone-and it is only necessary to develop it just as you learned to hum or whistle a tune. And hypnotism is not a dry or tedious study. Not by any means. There is nothing difficult to memorize. You do not have to solve or study out any problems nor answer any questions.

Hypnotism is so interesting that it will hold your attention as closely as the most thrilling story. And it is so easy you will marvel at the simplicity of the whole thing. Still, it is not a ttfck, scheme or deception in any sense.

It is just a simple natural secret-as plain as A, B, C-a secret that you may learn and understand and use right from the start. You have heard about it-read about it-marveled at the amazing things hypnotists can do-but you probably never dreamed that you could do the same things yourself.

But you may do them-easily enough. You may learn hypnotism so quickly and easily that you will be astonished. And the wonder and mystery you spread among your friends will be equaled only by your own pleasure and satisfaction in having found such a new and profitable means of income and amusement.

Hypnotism is such an endless source of pleasure and profit that you are heavily * handicapped without it.

The practice of hypnotism is a wonderful help in your every day business life and affairs. It improves the memory and develops latent mental powers you never knew you possessed. It has strengthened mind and body, created self-confidence, banished fear and timidity and led thousands to social and financial success.

Having told you some of the things you * can do with hypnotism, you naturally want to know what hypnotism is. Hypnotism is a form of sleep brought on by cessation of activity of certain senses. The condition of hypnotized person (also called "subject") is known as "Hypnosis" and is produced by a simple secret process known only to the hypnotist. It is this secret process we teach you. There are several ways of producing hypnosis and several kinds of hypnotism. Indeed, a person may be hypnotized without being put to sleep at all. But in all cases, the mind and actions of the hypnotic subject are controlled and directed by the hypnotist. We teach you all the different ways of hynotizing.

While your subject is in the hypnotic sleep or trance, you may give him or her a command to do a certain thing a week or a month hence. When the subject is awakened, he or she will have no recollection of having received the command, but when the appointed time comes, the subject will do the very thing you have commanded. This is called "Post Hypnotic Suggestion" and is one of the most marvelous and mysterious phases of hypnotism.

In this manner, suggestions made to a hypnotized person are carried out after the spell has been released and while the subject is in full control of his own faculties. He therefore obeys your wishes implicity, but believes all the time that he is carrying them out in accordance with his own desire.

Posthypnotic suggestion is widely used in many hospitals of western countries in treating diseases, faults and bad habits, such as stammering, stuttering, nervous disorders, St. Vitus' dance or the tobacco, morphine, whiskey or cocaine habits. It is also employed in correcting bad moral or mental tendencies especially in children and younger persons.