This Is a Complete Correspondence Course of 79 Practical Lessons in Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Personal Magnetism, Mind Reading, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Occult-Healing, Clairaudience,~Etc.

What Is Psycho-Occult Science?

A few hours study of this marvelous course of lessons makes any one a hypnotist, mesmerist, telepathist and an occult healer to perform wonders in this field.

Very useful to people in all walks of life. Highly spoken of by the press and the public here and abroad.

Psycho-Occult Science with its allied branches relates to the study and investigation of man's mystic powers and faculties lying dormant within him. Psycho-Occult Science was practiced by all the ancients and primitive races of the globe; but India has always been renowned universally as the birthplace of this wonderful science of this science the Aryan Sages worked their Occultism. It is through a knowledge of magic and miracles. The various occult powers relating to the great Science are real blessings to mankind and they are possessed to a lesser or greater degree practically by every man, woman and child. And you can develop in this line, if you will only devote to its study and practice, the patience and energy necessary for the development of those natural talents.