Our correspondence course in Mental Science contains 84 lessons; and they are exhaustive and interesting. It gives you the methods of studying human nature by a quick observation of the head and face of individuals. The methods of practice are clear and up-to-date. This course is fully illustrated with charts and diagrams, and will prove useful to you to study mental philosophy and to read people better than you did before, no matter who you are, or what education you have had. It is complete, absolutely interesting and scientific, and embraces almost all the practical branches of Human Nature Science.

* Success in life is assured to the man who understands himself fully and has at his command the means of strengthening his character and can readily apprehend the strength and weakness of those with whom he has to deal, whether in the line of business or in the various other professional avocations. While we think, that a business education as given in the commercial schools and colleges may be desirable, it is not to be compared with the advantage to be derived from a Correspondence Course of Instruction in Mental Science as issued by the Indian Academy of Science, by one who has an ambition to achieve greatness in life. No matter how much good judgment one possesses, a certain degree of technical knowledge of human nature will always greatly augment one's adaptiyeness in obtaining position or public esteem.

As a profession, Phrenology associated with Physiognomy (study of the face) opens the way to a field that is not overcrowded. There is a wide scope for a competent mental scientist to earn. People consult a Mental Scientist as to choice of pursuits, matrimonial adaptation, the training of the children or the best means of self-culture. The importance of the work done by a scholar in Mental Science and conscientious practitioner is second to none, for he can greatly add to the power and usefulness of everyone who consults him. And everyone of you earnest enough to take" up Mental Science as a Profession should hastily proceed to prepare yourself for the task, and the power to read human character can be attained by a careful mastery and application of the knowledge contained in our Correspondence Course.

Mental Science teaches you the proper methods of building-up brain centres, how-to develop and manage children and how to read and study customers and people's nature. It enables the artist to impart expression to his paintings; the doctor to read temperaments, habits, weakness, symptoms and diseases in his patients; the minister of the Gospel to understand his congregation; the lawyer to understand his case, Jury, Judge and Witnesses; the salesman to sum up his customers and to adapt himself to them; the business man to win trade and increase business; the manager to understand his hire-men and women helpers; the bank* er to hire honest clerks, cashiers and watchmen ; the politician to understand the needs of the people/; the young man to select and marry rightly; and each man, woman and child to choose the right work, according to the temperament, aptitude and talent.

It enables every father to understand his son and daughter and to adapt himself to their temperaments, wants, needs, training, talent and defects, all for the purpose of changing, directing and improving the child.

When child-developments, tendencies and characteristics are understood in the beginning, the father and mother can bring influence to bear upon their weak faculties. Parents, when they understand the faults, defects and weak faculties of the child, can choose associates who will have a developmental influence upon the child. They can select the right environments for the child; they can make choice of the best books, or such books that will call weak faculties into action. They will know how the child may be developed through conversation and association.

In fact, every man, woman and child can be benefited by Mental Science. # Every one may find his success-sphere by the aid of Phrenology, Physiognomy and other sciences that deal with character, talent and occupations.

If people understand this science they can understand the causes of insanity and crime to a greater extent and thus be able to lessen suffering and restore thousands insane and criminal people to normal functioning. This science is very useful to police officers and detectives and managers of lunatic asylums, too.

It is in the interest of every progressive, thinking and truth-loving man or woman to study this science. It is a moral and social duty. Every man who studies this science becomes greater in thought, word and deed, and quickly understands human nature correctly.

It is just what you want in order to read people for business, social or professional purposes.

By Dr. K. T. Ramasami, M.A., Ph. D.