To facilitate the study, practice and research of Mental, Psychic, Occult and Spiritual Sciences and Philosophy. (Occidental and Oriental.) We coach up pupils in the above arts, Personally and by Correspondence System.

As A Scientific Society

To help foster a feeling of Universal Brotherhood among the students and members of the Academy, without distinction of color or creed; and to promote success, health and happiness to its Members.

Our Courses As They Are

(1) Our courses are prepared in such a way that they can be utilized either as a Correspondence Course of Home Study or as Text Books for Class Study in the Academy.

(2) Our Correspondence Course really instructs the pupil, in the same manner and 1 with the same efforts as though the pupil were attending a personal class of the Acad emy. Our courses teach you practically as well as theoretically. The course-lessons are not mere Book-Talks, but they are practically the Heart-to-Heart-Talks - The Voice of the Teacher Impressing Upon the Mind of the Student, as if both the Teacher and pupil are face to face.

(3) Our Correspondence Courses have been prepared by the far-famed Author, Journalist and Psychic-Researcher Dr. K. T. Ramasami, M. A., Ph. D., the President-Founder of the Indian Academy of Science. He has been able to crystallize into written words the spirit of his Personal Learning, which is not a very easy task, but is one to be accomplished only by skillful and experienced Educators and Researchers like him, with years of actual experience to back them up.

Hence our Courses are unequalled in fact of their contents, interest, worth and practical utility.

(4) Our Courses of Lessons or Systems of Instruction are the outgrowth remodeling of all the previous systems and methods of the Sages and Fakirs of the East The lessons are systematically graded so as to lead the student to perfection, at the shortest period. Our courses are the fruits of long labor and arduous study and research into the realms of these wonderworking sciences by Dr. Ramasami, one of the acknowledged greatest Indian Spiritualists and Psychic Investigators living. In short, his system of study and practice of these Sciences is acknowledged today as the greatest discovery of this Century of Scientists and Savants of the Occident and the Orient.

Distinctive Features of Our System of Guarantee.

(1) Our student's progress is eagerly watched and whenever you seek our help you are assisted with full and clear instructions and information with explanations of the difficult point met with by you. Further, we give special instructions on any point in the Sciences if you so require. This does not cost you anything additional. You have to send only postal stamp for reply.

(2) Our Academy undertakes to teach personally and by correspondence many in teresting branches of sciences at a minimum cost.

(3) In the long experience in scientific research and teaching thousands of students and members of the Academy, the President of the Academy has not come across a single case of Failure; for our Courses are so thorough and practical in every way that failure is impossible with us. Hence is our word of Guarantee here for a perfect success to one and all of our students and members. Further we hereby do assure and guarantee to teach the purchaser of our courses by the quickest, latest, best and surest methods known to Science, and that said purchaser will become proficient in the courses and be able to demonstrate the truths contained therein in a short period.

(4) We here put forth boldly this plain business proposition, for we are convinced by our long experience in this line of teaching that our Courses cannot fail to produce the wished-for result-namely, success and satisfaction to both. Our best advertisement is a well-pleased patron in every locality and you may rest assured that we shall leave nothing undone which will, in any way, assist you or contribute to your complete success and satisfaction.

(5) Each student of our courses should honestly practice our instructions and con-cientiously follow our directions in our courses. If his health is good, and if his efforts are thorough and painstaking he cannot but attain Success. This we guarantee. If still he fails, we agree to put him in the way By Personal Tuition in Our Academy.

More Plain Talk

Here we are appealing direct to the person, no matter of what age or sex, who is ambitious and who has an earnest and honest desire to develop his inherent faculties by our scientific system of education.

Reader! Witness the fact that you are still searching about for that rare system of. instructions which you really believe somewhere exists that will offer tangible value. You have dabbled in cheap books, pamphlets and the so-called Courses of Instructions available in the market, without getting what you really want. What are now presented in our series of Courses of Printed Lessons are solid instructions-the richest morsels of Soul-Culture and scientific Wisdom. With our guidance one can have splendid success from the very start. We enroll students and members in all parts of the year, instructions beginning immediately after enrollment.

We assure you proficiency in any and all courses of study you take up. A thorough mastery of the courses means that you are a master of your life. You can be what you desire to be.

You are the masterpiece of Creation. You have within you all the elements and resources to make your life grander and more useful to your fellowmen. The keys to development lie with us, within your easy reach. You can have them NOW.

Your convenience is ours. You can master our Courses of Sciences in your daily spare time. One half-hour each day spent earnestly and diligently to the study and practice of our courses will in three to six months' time instil within you several undreamt-of powers. You will admit that the results warrant your doing this.

Your particular case shall receive the per sonal attention of the President of the Academy, otherwise it would be impossible for us to produce the required results to be accomplished. We realize this more than the reader possibly can. Our honest dealing, straight-forward business, and a fair and square deal with every one of our correspondents and patrons have placed our Academy highest in the ranks of Scientific Institutions of the globe, so much so that every day there are many corresponding members and students enrolled from all parts of the English-knowing world. It matters not where you live our Courses of Instructions can be sent to you by mail and you can derive the same benefit as though you were taking instructions from us personally.

A small price brings within your easy reach your choice of our courses of valuable instructions in the sciences for your Mental, Psychic, Occult and Spiritual Development. You can afford to pay the cost of our system of instructions. The cost is infinitely a low sum. You are welcome to select any of the series of courses, etc., that you need, and it is not compulsory that you should order all of our courses at a time.. You can make your own choice NOW.

We have so far shown to you in this prospectus our new methods of scientific education, and the series of Courses of Sciences as the means thereof. You are at liberty to choose any of the series of our courses you please.

Reader! Our part is finished, the rest remains with you and you alone. We can do nothing without your willing co-opera-tion in this line of study and research. It depends upon you which shall be written across your life's work-Failure or Success. Nothing worth doing was ever done without an honest and earnest effort. Make the effort NOW.

Now is the good opportunity for you to enter this noble career. Tomorrow never comes, let us now hear from you with an order for the courses of your choice.

Very truly yours, The Indian Academy of Science.