Experiment All kinds of nervous affections, such as derangement of nerves, congestion of blood, swellings in arms and legs, stomach disorders, fever, rheumatism, rat poison, snake poisons and blood poison, are all healed by the Indian Tantrics using the Bio-magnetic process of Repulsion and Attraction described in the previous lessons.

Ask the patient to stand up erect and hold one set of ends of the two rods. Similarly ask another healthy subject or person (anybody) to hold the other set of ends of the rods. Thus magnetic circuit is complete. You, as operator, may stand one or two feet aside and direct both your hands, with outstretched fingers and give mesmeric magnetic passes at distance, commencing from the top of the head of the patient, down to his or her chest and arms, and straight along midway between the parallel rods, to the arms -of the other subject and over his chest and then to the face and top of head. Then throw hands away, after each such pass. While giving passes give the necessary healing suggestions, as follows: "Your impure magnetism will pass out of your body, giving place to fresh and pure healthy magnetism from the other subject, to whom my current of fresh magnetic energy flows now. You both can feel the current so much so, that as your impure magnetism flows out, the rods will repel each other, as the pure magnetism from the other subject induces the impure one to ooze out of your fingers, and slowly they will neutralize each other which can be witnessed by the fact that the repelling rods will slowly regain their position and then be attracted towards each other. They will both touch each other and remain in contact; from that moment you will feel a new strength and vigour and your pain will gradually disappear."

Thus if you concentrate and give passes, the patient and the subject will be convinced of the flow of the magnetic current from one to the other and both will feel richly blessed with health and strength, in the course of a few experiments.

This principle of Healing was recognized by the Tantrics of, South India, and many miraculous cures have thus been effected by them. For our part, we have done such cures in many cases, where medical help was of no avail. Instead of the bamboos, the Tantrics use the fresh sleeping willow twig, 5 feet long, and split up into two halves, along the length. This shows they have also recognized the medical magnetic virtue of the green willow twig. Applying the principles of this experiment we have effected miraculous cures in several cases of blood poisons, headaches, neuralgia, rheumatism, pains, stom ach troubles, rat poison. And we are ever prepared to render every help to the suffering humanity if they choose to benefit themselves by this kind of treatment and other auxiliaries of Naturopathy, we advocate.

Reader! We wish you all success in your study and practice of this Art.