Ask some of your friends to hide a small object in a room. Let yourself and your subject be away from the room while they hide the object. Now when ready for experiment, ask your subject to hold the handle of the Magic wheel (an ordinary punkah pulley will quite serve the purpose) and you had better direct your magnetic gaze to the wheel, and suggest the wheel to move. The wheel will try to move slowly at first and afterwards run along the floor of the room dragging the subject and finally will stop at the place or direction where the object is hidden. During all this experiment, it is necessary that the friends who have hidden the object should concentrate their full attention on the object and its place of resting.

Upon this principle our Tantrics easily find out the criminal from among a group of suspected parties who are made to stand in a row, and instead of the magic wheel they substitute a flat metallic circular basin whose diametrical edges are lightly held, by the hands of the subject, and the basin, with the subject moves, along the surface and hits at the feet of the criminal. They resort to this crude way of detection of crime, employing the scientific principle of the muscular magnetic movement or impulse directed by the Intuitive Spirit of the subject, which always hits at the right point, very successfully. Here is no guesswork, but it is purely scientific in its aspect, which can be tested in several cases.