A more advanced stage in this is not only to record the messages thought of, but also to give an intelligent Intuitive answer to it, if the message is in the form of a question. For this proceed as follows:

Select a person from your audience to mentally project a question to the pencil. Instead of employing sensitives, as in the last case, employ that party who is earnest about this experiment and who wants a message, to take hold of the end of the rod, and let another sensitive take the other end and let both be calm and passive. Let the party concentrate deeply upon his query. Soon the pencil will record upon the sand the query thought of. Then let that party think of any of his guardian angels or any departed friend or spirit to guide him in answering his query. Let him remain thus praying mentally to the spirit and soon their hands will move and write out an intelligent answer to his query. This experiment has been tried often by us and it never fails to give satisfaction to the inquirer in earnest need of spiritual counsel or message and help. This class of experiment often borders upon the intuitional phase of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, and is also a sure means of communing with the denizens of the Spiritual Realm. In the latter case, the spiritual force simply uses the brains of the recording sensitives as a Telephonic Receiver. The spirit's thought impresses itself upon the receptive brain, and therefrom the electric nerves impart the impulse of motion, and thereafter record the message or ideas in any language the communicating spiritual agent or operator cares to use. For the successful answer of the queries, the close sympathy or harmonious working of the two sensitive's brains and Body and Mind are closely needed. Note this important condition always.

Similar principles underlie the workings of the "Planchette" machine and the Ouija Board, that are use,d by modern mediums and Automatic writers.

The practice of this phase of Automatic writing does no harm to those that undergo the training. It neither wearies nor weakens one's energy either physical or mental. But on the other hand develops the latent inner faculties of the Soul or Ego. It is therefore a natural Psycho-Physical exercise which every one should care to perform for the evolution of his inner finer forces, for his betterment in life, here and hereafter. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Knock and it shall be opened unto you, ask and ye shall receive all the choicest blessings of the spirit.