Sprinkle some fine sand to a thickness of one-half inch upon a common table. Take a split-up bamboo rod three feet long. Tie a pencil or a piece of stick to the middle of the rod. Select two sensitives and ask them to stand near the table and let one sensitive grip one end of the rod by his right hand, and the other sensitive similarly grip the other end of si the rod by his right hand. You, as operator, should project mentally any word, symbol or geometrical figure. In the meantime ask the sensitives to be calm and passive with the muscles t of their arm thoroughly relaxed. Tell them that you, as an operator, are concentrating mentally upon a certain letter of the alphabet or a word, and that they will soon receive the impression so that their right arm will tend to move, making the pencil touch the surface of the sand, and soon to mark the letter or figure on the sand. Tell the sensitives not to resist the movement of the pencil, but to leave it to work of itself. If you deeply concentrate upon your message, or figure, you will see to your astonishment and those of your sensitives, that their hands move to and fro, up and down, thus enabling the pencil to gradually draw the chosen word thought of by you. This is a marvel in itself. If you thus train your sensitives in this line of recording mental messages, you can then ask anyone in your audience to project any mental message, and the pencil will readily record them.