You should experiment along this line with a sincere and earnest desire to know the truth. When communications are received from the Intuitive centre of Truth within you, do not reject them because some of them happen to be contrary to your normal or cherished views. But calmly wait :ind test them.

Rules For Self-Development

Sit in a calm room for 30 or 40 minutes a day. Be relaxed and passive. Hold a pencil with your right hand fingers and let it rest lightly without friction, on a pad of paper. Do not let your wrist or hand touch the paper, in the initial-stages of experiment. When you gain the knack to write, which often comes within the course of a few days, or weeks, rest your hand oil the paper, and the hand will be impelled to move and write out messages. When sitting for this, concentrate your mind upon any friend or ideal personage, from whom you want a communication. When the hand tends to move and you feel a sort of impulse or vibration, do not resist the movement, but always let it move as it pleases. When an external intelligence or spirit wants to communicate, it first impresses upon your mind the word or words to be written. Then your hand will move to write the word or idea flashing in your mind. Do not doubt about your powers. When you begin to doubt about them, you thereby resist and obstruct your sub-conscious powers to manifest. In the course of a few days, you can acquire the knack to write down your inner conscious impressions. And as you persevere you can acquire the speed in writing which will astonish you. Make up your mind that the spirit within you will always inspire you along noble and virtuous lines, and that it will flash to your mind all information, very correctly. If you thus regularly and punctually proceed with this experiment, you will become an Intuitional Automatic Writer and exhibit wonders undreamt of by you. The same rules apply to the "Planchette," a heart-shaped writing board having 80 two wheels and a pencel, employed in getting messages from friends or relatives far or near or those departed from this earth plane, through your Intuitive centre or Being or the Spirit within you.