Experiment Let your subjects remain in the same posture as in the previous experiment. Now suggest as follows: "You see the two rods ,have gone apart, arching outwardly. As I count 15, the rods will attract each other and slowly regain their original horizontal, parallel position. Then they will tend to bend inwardly towards the centre, and touch each other. In this new position they will remain for 10 seconds, and the rod A B will cross over the rod D C and then they will repel each other, thus going apart outwardly. Now, gentlemen: Watch at their centre." After suggesting as above, you should exert your will towards the working of this feat, by pointing your right hand fingers towards the centre of the rods. If you concentrate your magnetic force towards the rods, they will intelligently carry out your Will-commands. The successful working out of this experiment before an audience will greatly enhance your reputation as an Art Magician.

You should instruct your subjects not to resist the tendency of the rods moving in the desired direction, but to be calm and passive spectators, watching the Biological-Magnetic results, upon their mind and Body.

In some instances, we have witnessed, that the subjects are ready to enter hypnotic sleep. They feel drowsy after the experiment. Some fall asleep readily.