Take a bamboo 10 ft. long and one inch in diameter. Split it into 4 equal thicknesses. Thus you have 4 rods 10 feet long. Out of which take only 22 two rods for experiments along this line.

Suppose A B represents one rod, and D C representing another rod. Select two subjects or any two persons from the audience, and make them stand ten feet apart, facing each other. Let one subject grip the end (A) by the left hand fingers, and the end (D) of another rod by the right hand fingers. Let him keep the end A in contact with his left waist, and the end D in contact with his right waist Let him grip the ends tightly.

Similarly ask the other subject to hold the end (B) with his right hand fingers, keeping it in contact with his right waist. Similarly the end (C) may be held by the right hand fingers in contact with his left waist. Thus you see the circuit of these two human batteries closed by two parallel rods. Now your position as operator is to stand two feet away from the rods, either to the right or left. Now point your right hand fingers towards the middle of these rods that are stretched horizontally parallel. Gaze at their centres and consciously direct your Will to the effect that the two rods will repel each other and bend in their middle, and/arch outwardly. As you gaze, you may suggest, audibly, as follows: "Now you will see these two rods will repel each other and go wider and wider apart, in a few seconds." At this, you can see that the rods will obey your commands to the very letter. Tell your subjects not to resist the movements of the rods at their centre, but to be calm and passive, watching the movements of the rods. Make some more "passes at distance" and the rods will behave very intelligently. If your subjects are sufficiently sen sitive, they can feel the flow of magnetic current from their hands and fingers towards the middle of the rods. When the rods are tending to move further and further, the subjects will feel their tendency of being drawn towards the centre. When you give the suggestions, to your subjects, always make it a point to suggest in an authoritative tone, as follows: "Now, gentlemen! Before I count IS, you will see that these two inanimate rods will behave as I please, as though they are endowed with life. Now watch their centres closely." Keep your magnetic gaze always at the middle of the rods. This is the key to success, in this experiment.

For this experiment and others that follow, you may use two canes three-eighth of an inch in diameter and each 10 feet long, instead of the bamboos, if they are not available. Or, you can use two steel rods, each one-quarter inch diameter or less, and each 10 feet long. You should practise this exercise with a number of people and watch results. By constant practise you will acquire the proper knack to succeed ably well, and astonish your audience by your work.