One Dollar This course covers 22 lessons in one volume. Here you are taught the mysteries of developing yourself or others as a psychometrist as to how to arrive at the secrets, character or history connected with any object possessed by a party at a distance and how to diagnose diseases from the lock of hair or anything worn by the patient; of the art of developing yourself or others as a spiritual medium and thereby to see the spiritual worlds and to hold conscious communion with the spirit-denizens at will, and to get aid in developing yourself or others into the higher stages of spiritual development; of the passing of material objects through matter; of the materialization and dematrialization of spirit forms, etc,; of the philosophy of Yoga, and the practical keys to its attainment; of the science of pranayama or the art of breath; of the secrets of attaining meditation; Yoga-Samadhi or spiritual trance; of the Yogee secrets to attain spiritual intuition, ecstacy, illumination and soul-bliss.

By Dr. K. T. Ramasami, M. A., Ph. D.