And what can be more inspiring or precious than the gift of healing made possible by the course of instruction now offered to you? Where is the person who does not sympathize with those who are stricken by pain and disease? Where is the mortal being so incrusted in selfishness that he would not gladly use the power to rescue others from their ailments of body and mind?

Where Is There A Calling So Noble As That Which Wins Its Fortune By Beating Back The Dark Tide Of Human Affliction?

From every point or view it will amply pay you to secure this course at once and enter on the study of occult healing. You can begin its practice among your friends ' and neighbors, and from the very start you will be doing good to others as well as earning money and esteem for yourself. There is a field of employment here and an avenue to wealth, power and fame that even the least discerning cannot fail to see. From a purely commercial standpoint occult healing is a most valuable attainment. There is no neighborhood but has its share of sickness, and when it is known you are an occult healer you should have plenty of chances to exercise your talents.

Later on, if you decide to advertise your gifts, you can do as others have done in widening your field of usefulness as well as your path to fortune. We wonder why any intelligent person who is ambitious for a profession does not turn at once to the study of occult healing. May we be allowed to say it is a field in which the harvest is indeed great while the laborers are as yet comparatively few. Let none be deterred from the study by fearing that it is hard or difficult. It has been our aim to make the lessons clear even to the simplest comprehension.

The author of this monumental course is the celebrated Dr. K. T. Ramasami, M. A., Ph. D., etc., the pioneer hypnotist, mesmerist and occultist of India. His success as the foremost teacher and practical demonstrator is attributed to his perfect mastery of the secrets of the sciences as practiced by the sages of India and the scientists of the west.

This course gives valuable information relating to the development of your body, brain, mind and soul. Here you will be initiated into the up-to-date scientific methods of hypnotising and mesmersing any number of persons at a time: Instantaneous hypnotism, Hindu methods of catalepsy, burial alive or Samadhi, levitation; the secrets of hypnotising animals and birds, etc.; the secrets of self-control, will-power development, of the methods of healing diseases by psychic means, auto hypnosis and self-healing* of the secrets of developing an attractive personality to have friends, success and happiness and of the art of sending out thought messages to anybody at a distance.

In short, a mastery of our course will give you power over audience; power in business; power in social relations; power in subduing the senses; power over animals; power in curing diseases; power in developing mental faculties; power in thought transference and in reading the minds of others; power in understanding humanity;' power in self-healing; power in prospering the body, mind and estate; power in developing your psychic powers and so forth.

These and many more psychic mysteries and research-knowledge pertaining to the development of the above noted powers are revealed to you which you will much appreciate.

After reading this course carefully the student not only knows as much as his teiacher, but he can do just what the teacher successfully can. If you want any special instructions or explanations of any knowledge relating to any power you wish to acquire, you will get such instruction from us if you order our course. In addition to this course we will thoroughly explain to you all points in the course where you want our help. We will advise you, giving you all - possible suggestions, instructions and advice when you feel the necessity for them.

The B series course, which is sold today for $5.00 and lesser prices by different institutions and teachers in America, England and in this land, is now offered for the first time by the philanthropic founder of our acadefny at the low price, simply to popularize our instructions in all parts of the globe. Our motto is and has always been to give our students all the ancient, modern and best instructions on the subjects at the lowest price possible.

Reader! Do not therefore think that "because our courses with so many subjects are offered at a very cheap price, the instructions contained therein may not be worth your choice." Far from it. Get our courses now, and compare them with those of other institutions you or your friends may have, and then judge of their merits for yourself. We are sure you will then join with us in claiming that the courses of our academy are the best and at the cheapest price possible. Read our testimonials and be more and more convinced about these facts. Just enroll for our B series and reap the benefits ever and anon.

Free Premiun

A phreno-chart is a very useful illustrated pamphlet giving an hypnotic operator the practical application of the principles of phrenology. It is of immense use in inducing hypnotic sleep in the branch called phreno-hypnotism in our "B" series. Phreno-hypnotism will prove of much benefit to occult healers in the treatment of lunacy and all kinds of mental disorders. This chart is sent free to every purchaser of our "B" series.


It is equally effective as the metal hypnoscope. It can be carried in the vest pocket. It is in the form of a booklet and contains clear directions for will-powfer, magnetism and self-development, besides a chart of the hypnoscope. Instead of our costly hypnoscope, which is made of metal (and which we have stopped supply of for the present), we have prepared the hypno-chart, which costs only 25 cents. You may order one now. This is a very useful thing to every student of our B series to practice it.