One thing, however, we can tell you very plainly. The same power, in our opinion, lies dormant in every human being and only needs attention and cultivation to develop it. When it is so developed you will make no mistake about it. Then it will seem to you a gift rather than a power. You will not stop to consider its essence or the subtle manner in which it operates. This is the very way a strong man is conscious of his strength. He does not pause to think of the food that builds his muscles, the sleep that invigorates them and the exercise that hardens them. He simply knows that he holds in secret the gift of strength and he uses it when the occasion calls for it.

Our course in occult healing is by the same author as our lessons in hypnotism. We believe that no other mail course equal to it has ever been attempted anywhere, nor can you obtain anywhere or at any price whatever more complete and satisfactory guidance to the mysteries of occult healing. It is safe, complete and authoritative, and may be mastered without difficulty. It contains the actual methods of the healer at work. You should not make a mistake unless through wilful blindness. No other course ever published is at all so clear, satisfactory and minute in detail. Hypnotic students will have a special advantage in taking up the subject. The two sciences are interblended both in their phenomena and their methods. The better hypnotist you are the more successful you will he as an occult healer.