Among men we see the wonderful influence that one speaker may wield over the emotions of an audience, while another, with a better education, language and appearance may have a stronger power over intellect, and yet never stir the emotions. The leaders of men everywhere may be said to be centers of this subtle commanding force. A Napoleon inspires his soldiers by it to feats of heroism. A Webster or a Douglas sways the purpose of a senate. The persuasive orator, the fascinating so-, ciety man, the winning diplomat, the dashing general may all be indebted for their success to the use of magnetic power, and yet it is possibly the self-same power that in the touch of a mother's hand will ease her child of pain. But if you ask us what it is, you ask us more than we can satisfactorily explain in type.

These are questions that no living mortal can fully answer. No science has yet completely solved the mysteries that underlie them. The power thus described is called occult and we know that you possess your share of it. We believe it may be developed according to their wish in any and every person who reads these lines. We teach you how to cultivate it and how to employ it on any subject or patient who craves relief from pain or recovery from disease. In a brief time you can learn to do this by following this course of instruction. We can teach you how to proceed to bring about the magnetic sleep and gain control of the sleeper's will and otherwise hold sway over his or her mind and perceptive senses. We can teach you the secrets of those higher phenomena, physical and mental, that can be established by your magnetic power, such as catalepsy, lethargy and somnambulism with all their startling effects and possibilities. In fine, we tell you how you may utilize the sleep and its phenomena for controlling or influencing others, for correcting evil habits in children and adults and for the treatment of pain and disease, and yet we ate incapable of tellling you its precise nature or workings exactly in the same degree that Thomas A. Edison cannot answer you, "What is electricity ?"