This course contains fine graded lessons in the interesting psycho-physical science of well-being. The drills ^nd exercises are simple in themselves and when they are systematically and daily practiced will ensure you perfect health and strength of body and strength of mind and self-control. The instructions are mainly based on the Yoga system of healing.

This is a correspondence course which gives you clear, sound and practical instructions and exercises dealing in psycho-physics to develop every muscle and nerve of the body.

The contents of the book are: Introduction ; health vs. disease; eat to live and don't live to eat; fasting; psycho-physical ever-cise; Yogee breathing, pranayama; healing by psychic breath; how to absorb health-magnetism from nature; how to control the emotions; the power of desire transmutation of the reproductive energy; mental resistance exercise; thoughts are things; different kinds of baths; health hints.

By Dr. K. T. Ramasami, M. A., Ph. D 50 Cents (U. S. A.).