Occult healing is the art of relieving pain or diseases by the transmission of vital and mental force, through the medium of the hands, etc., from healer to patient. This branch of science deals in magnetic healing, psycho and occult therapeutics, etc. Scientific investigators have recognized magnetic healing as an intentional and intelligent transmission of human vitality from healer to patient.

The occult healer uses no drugs, and aside from a strict insistence upon hygienic methods, he uses no material remedies of any kind. His idea is to stimulate the natural force of the patient's body directly, or v rather to supply it with the necessary recuperative force from his hands. You can understand these processes and can quickly become a practical occult healer by following our course and earn a decent income.

The leading physicians in all parts of the civilized globe are using hypnotism, mesmerism and occult healing with the most satisfactory results. A knowledge of these branches of psycho occult science has cured hundreds of cases which were given up as utterly hopeless. It is not, however, essential to have a knowledge of medical healing in order to practice occult healing. Our instructions in these branches are complete, and if you follow them implicitly you will be able to treat successfully all kinds of diseases the flesh is heir to, effecting relief in almost every instance, and curing where cures are possible. The methods of healing are also very effective in self-healing operations.

Why is it the mention of a "healer" always arouses in us a feeling of interest and reverence? Why does the namfe of occult healer give us an idea of subtle power? An effort to answer these questions will show that they are of much more concern to you than at first glance you think. Let us see.

There is and always has been a great deal of pain and sickness in the world. In a general way we look on them as unavoidable conditions of our frail mortality. Almost every human being suffers from them at times, so that we helplessly call them "the ills that flesh is heir to." Yet we like them none the better for that. The average mortal holds physical suffering to be one of the greatest evils of existence. Poverty can be borne; grief can be lived down; misfortune, shame and cruelty can all be endured* so long as they do not cause us bodily distress. This is the true touchstone that makes all the world akin. The prince will squirm with a toothache as much as the beggar. The athlete is crippled by a stomach ailment almost as quickly as the six-months babe.

Now you begin to see why the office of the occult healer is so generally reverenced -and as we shall here offer you the chance to become a healer, we wish you to know what a dignity it is and on what basis it is founded.