Take a big mirror, say two feet in width and three feet in length, with frames on four sides. Put a marble or a glass ball on the centre of the mirror. Ask any subject to hold the mirror horizontally, with both his hands. Now tell him to concentrate his mind on the ball resting in the centre. Tell him to keep it in the balanced position always. Stand in front of him and with your Magnetic-Gaze pointed at the marble, WILL determinedly that it shall move according to your wish. Now point your finger one inch off the marble after giving a few passes at a distance over the marble. Now suggest to the subject as follows: "Mr. or Miss, follow the movement of the ball, at the same time holding the mirror flat close to your waist. Do not tilt it. But remain calm and passive and watch its movements. You will find that the marble will always follow the movements of my pointed finger. Here I count twenty and then it shall move as I please automatically, as a piece of steel follows a Magnet."

When you move the finger in any direction, to the astonishment of the subject and the bystanders, the marble always follows the direction of your right hand finger.

Tell them that by your WILL you have demonstrated the power of attraction between your hand and the marble and that you will soon after make it repel also by your WILL-Power. So saying, now make some de-magnetising passes and proceed to point your finger at the marble, and to your astonishment, and to all others around you, including your subject, the marble will behave as though -it fears the approach of your fingers.

Indeed, in these experiments, the psychological principle is that the subject in the expectant attitude and attention is in a sort of waking stage Hypnosis and his sub-conscious faculties which are at play then, aid the operator in all these exercises. In the waking sub-conscious stages, even though the subject is standing before you, to all appearance wideawake, he cannot resist your WILL, but will follow you closely and your suggestions. The knack to do these experiments astonishingly comes to you after some days' practice, with a number of people. With some you will succeed to influence instantaneously, atid with others after some minutes. That is all. But it is a fact that you can succeed sooner or later, with one and all. No failure here, unless the subject, knowing* these psychological principles, wills contrary to your suggestions. ,Even in such cases, you need not be afraid, for by a persistent attitude and vigorous suggestion along the desired lines, you can overcome such conscious or unconscious repulsive, antagonistic subjects. Any way, you should never lose heart. As a Psychologist, you are bound to succeed, if you put the above principles to practice, with all attention, concentration and meditation. In short, these three principles form part and parcel of Yoga. Thus the successful Yogi or Art-Magician, employs the above three-fold processes of mental-ism, backed up by his Potent Will-Power to achieve his aim, before any number of people. He directs his WILL or Mentalism consciously in the desired line, and that constitutes his success. Hence the Art-Magician is the wonder of the day. In short, he employs the fundamental principles of Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Muscle Reading and Telepathy, which taice shape as marvels and miracles, before the eyes of those not initiated into the mysteries of these Natural Psychological Forces, which are always at work, behind every act of the Art-Magic.