Ask a sensitive subject to hold the handle of a punkah wheel by the right hand fingers. Let the wheel rest on a smooth cement surface or on a wooden bench or table. Let the subject relax all his muscles and simply remain passive, holding the wheel. Now fix your gaze on the wheel and Will determinedly that it shall tend to move forward or backward. Tell the subject not to resist its movement in any way, but to let the wheel go as it pleases. If your subject is calm and passive, and if your thought is one-pointed, namely, that of making it move, you will find to your astonishment, that the wheel slowly begins to move and soon after runs faster and faster as though to tire the subject who holds it. You can make it move in any direction, either forward or backward or at the sides, as you suggest to your subject. You can try this exercise with a number of people, young or old, and you are sure to succeed with one and all. This is a marvel in itself.

In this exercise you may adopt the following verbal audible suggestions: "Now, Mr. or Miss, when I count twenty-five, you will feel your hand quite numb and you will find a new dynamic current of electro-mag-netism flowing in your nerves of the right hand and that will tend to move the wheel as I suggest, either backward or forward or obliquely or coming 'round and 'round on its axis, and so on. Do not resist its movement in any way, either mentally or physically, but remain passive and then follow its movements."

You can translate these suggestions in the language in which the subject is familiar, and then you can see its marvel.

When you find the subject to be unconsciously resisting your thought or suggestions, and thereby not to^ make the wheel move, it is good on such occasions to give some "passes" at distance, in the direction in which the wheel should move.

You will have no difficulty in sueceeding with this exercise with any number of sceptics. This is a kind of waking stage Hypnosis, brought upon the subject by your Will. The subject unconsciously aids you by his expectant mind ready to receive and act upon all your suggestions, subconsciously.

When you acquire the knack of influencing people as shown above, you can suggest more varieties of movements of the wheel, as keeping time to tune or musical march and moving fast at one stretch followed by moving slowly and so on. The secret lies in your Will-Power, aided by deep concentration upon the desired end in view, and you can show wonders in this line, with the aid of the Magic Wheel before any audience.

After succeeding with the magic wheel, get the children's go-cart or tri-cvcle and ask the subject to hold its handles lightly, and the wheels will move slow or fast, as you desire. After some minutes, the subject in the waking stage Hypnosis, is simply an automaton. He believes that he is powerless, being guided by your suggestions, and controlled by your Will. This interesting and instructive experiment will create fun and amusement to the spectators. With Go-Carts or Tri-Wheeled objects, having two handles you can engage two subjects at a time, one subject taking hold of the right handle and the other holding the left handle. The results will be quicker, but mystifying both the subjects at the same time.