Get a cocoanut. Put it on a cement surface or a marble surface. Ask one of your sensitives or any sceptic to1 mount and sit upon it, with his feet resting upon it and let him sit having his spine erect. Let him balance his whole body by slightly touching upon side floor with his extended right and left hand fingers. Now direct your magnetic gaze into his centre of Individuality and concentrate the following suggestions: "Before I count 15 the cocoanut will naturally move around to the right *.

side/' Thus, after 15 seconds repeat audibly "before I count 15 you will be impelled to turn to the right." And when the cocoanut tries to move, instruct your subject not to resist its movement, but yield to it, thus coming 'round and 'round. If you determinedly apply your Will in the opposite direction, the cocoanut, with his body, will stop moving in the right hand direction and will turn to the left hand side. The key to this lies iii. the principle of subconscious muscular mentation. To the spectators this will look a great mystery. You should practice this exercise with a number of people and with one and all you will undoubtedly SUCCEED. This is a kind of waking stage Hypnosis brought about by the subconscious muscular activity of the subject. Once you learn the knack, you can confidently influence all sceptic subjects. This exercise of the Hindoo Tantrics or Hypnotists, has been brought to our notice and we have formulated it$ secrets and workings in the modern psychological language so as to appeal even to the modeirn sceptics and scientists of the day.

Instead of the cocoanut, you may , substitute a metallic basin having a convex base, meeting in a point. Take a wide basin, 15 inches in diameter. Rest it on a smooth surface-. Ask yaur subject to standwin: side the basin, having the feet resting in the middle and the whole body balanced in the central spot of the basin. Now give him two walking sticks, to hold balancing, in the sides. His centre of Gravity should thus fall inside the basin and not outside. Let him adjust himself in the balanced standing posture. Now, if you de terminedly give a word of command either a turn to the right or left, or to come 'round and 'round, the subject will feel that the pedal on which he stands, makes him move as you please.

Try it upon a number of people you come across and you are bound to succeed, with one and all.