The 29th of December, 1881, I received with many others the following communication :

" Good morning, my dear friends, for such I will call you, although I have never had the pleasure of seeing you in the body, but as magnetic attraction seems to be the topic, I will write a few lines to you. Some years ago I corresponded with this medium's husband, and I had the pleasure of calling her my pupil, because her mediumship was so much like that of mine and my daughter Laura. I took so much interest in her and her future success, and predicted that she would be a wonderful medium in time, and now I come as her teacher to congratulate her on her success and to give her words of cheer, and to tell her that she has only ascended half way up the ladder of fame as a spirit medium ; and, also, that I have come to-day by magnetic attraction, and will be here often to aid her in her development. With my prayers for you both and for your success, I bid you good morning. Judge Edmonds."

The 2d of January, 1882, in the forenoon, came on the slate the following:

" Good morning, dear papa. We are all here with our happy New Year's greetings—Emil, Charles, Gus-taf, Mary, Julia, Grandpa and Grandma Helleberg, Grandpa Natt-oeh-Dag, Swedenborg, Madam Ehrenborg, Madam de Frese, and a host of others. Dear Emil forgot me; I am last, bat I hope not the least, in sending you a happy New Year's greeting. He says I am able to do that myself, and so I am, and happy to do so. Nothing affords me more real pleasure than to communicate to you. Wishing you many beautiful spirit communications this coming year, I bid you good day. Jennie."

After this came the following' from a highly esteemed noble lady, who recently passed to the higher life, leaving an only daughter remaining in the form. Madam de Frese was distinguished in her native land —Sweden—for her literary tastes and labors and the purity of her character. It was a great surprise by reason of her having passed on so recently:

" Good morning, my dear friend. With the assistance of Mr. Swedenborg and our kind friend Madam Ehrenborg, and with the aid of this medium's very highly gifted and intelligent band, I am able to write a few more lines to those I love who are yet in the body." . (At this moment I said to the medium, " It is my impression that this communication is from my friend, Amelia de Frese, and it may be a help to convince the New Church people in Sweden, and her daughter, of the spiritual truth and power.")

And then came:

" Yes,' that is my object, to send them a New Year's greeting from my beautiful spirit home, and to tell my dear daughter that I am not far from her, but able to advise her and control affairs mundane, and that by impression. She will be directed in the right way, and although she does not imagine that I am with her, still it is a reality. Tell her to have no fear, she will be directed to do my will, and now that the dark pall is before her, and that to penetrate through it seems an impossibility, but 'ere long she will get glimpses of the summer land and of the loved ones gone before. Though the clouds may lower and thicken fast and the mutterings of the storm king is heard, fear not, mother is near to ward off danger. She will know my meaning. She is in mental trouble, the weight is almost overpowering. This will help to remove it somewhat, and what she longs for. She thinks,i Oh, if mother could tell me what to do.' As a parting wOrd, tell her that the sunshine of Spiritualism will scatter the clouds and mists that now surround her, and that she will be made doubly happy by its introduction into her troubled heart, and every pulsation of that member of the body will beat with joy. With the blessings of Swedenborg and Madam Ehrenborg, and with my heart full of love for her and highest regards for yourself and companion, and thanks for this privilege of communicating, I bid you adieu.

" Madam Amalia de Frese, of Stockholm, Sweden."

January 9th I received the following from the same spirit:

" Thanks, my dear old friend, Mr. Helleberg, for sending the communication to my daughter. I will be there when she reads it, and make her feel my presence. I am your friend, Amalia de Frese."