I received several other valuable letters of my spiritual friends from Louisville, and in one of them, the 18th of August, Madam Ehrenborg wrote:

"A request has been made for Mrs. Helleberg to write a letter to her sister Emma and her father, that it may enable them to remain long enough to communicate that she may hear direct from them, for they are often with her, and want her to know it is not wrong for them to come or for her to look for them."

In consequence of this I persuaded my wife to write a letter to them, which she did, and I sealed it up with red sealing wax, with my seal on, and sent it by mail to Mrs. Cooper, without any superscription. On the 25th of August we received a letter from Miss Hare and Mrs. Cooper, together with my wife's sealed letter unopened, and a long and beautiful letter from her spirit sister, Emma, who had also answered for her father, which was so true and striking that her fear melted away, and concluded to investigate these strange facts. In October, Mrs. Cooper revisited Cincinnati, during which time my wife and I had several very satisfactory seances, and on invitation from her we were present at a social materialization seance on the 28th of said month, in the evening, in company with the following persons : Mr. and Mrs. Stebbins, Miss Sadie Hare, Mrs. Gano, Mr. and Mrs. Green, Mr.

Cooper's mother, Mr. and Mrs. Macky, Mr. and Mrs. Nicely, Miss Sneider, Mrs. Artzman, Dr. Taylor and Mr. Winterborn. A curtain was stretched across a corner of the room, and the small stand was put on the floor, and under it was placed two call bells, a big brass bell, and a drum, with sticks and a walking stick. When Mrs. Stebbins played on the violin, or we sung or played on the orgamina, the spirit skept time with the bells and drum. The walking stick was pointed to different individuals of the company, who had mental questions answered when they took hold of the uplifted stick. Mr. Stebbins put the end of the bow under the table, and the fiddle he laid on the floor, about a foot from the table, when the spirits played on it. The table was also lifted up and down, keeping time with our music When Mrs. Cooper took her seat behind the curtain soon after, several spirits materialized to many of their relatives and friends, who recognized them, among whom were Miss Mary Muth and Madam Ehrenborg. I and my wife went up to the curtain, when Miss Mary Muth touched my wife's hand and took a flower from her. Afterwards Madam Ehrenborg came in full form, dressed in a fine dark suit, with a black lace cap, and when my wife asked if it was Mrs. Ehrenborg, she nodded her head smilingly several times, and then dematerialized. We took our seats, but Madam Ehrenborg came again twice, when I went up to the curtain with Mr. Stebbins, who also saw her very plainly, how she nodded to me and kissed my hand, which was touched by her lips, and had a warm feeling. She afterwards dematerialized before us. At the same time this took place we saw and conversed with Mrs. Cooper, who is never in a trance state at any time. When we came home we examined Madam Ehrenborg's photograph, and we found her dress and every thing else apparently exactly the same as that in which the photograph was taken. Her features were also the same. I had seen her materialized several times before, but always in shining white robes, and now she took on the same garment as that worn when the photograph was taken, probably to convince my wife of her identity.