My investigations through the excellent medium, Mrs. Green, commenced the 2d of September, 1881, and I received many interesting communications from my dear and near relatives, which I value very highly, .but naturally would not have the same value for the general reader, and therefore I deem it best to exclude most of them and take in only writings from exalted spirits who are more generally known.

The 19th of September came:

" From the higher sphere of light I come To teach you the beauties of our home, And to impart to you the golden truth And make you feel its real worth.

" And to my dear old friend, your wife, I wish to prove a future life, And to assist her while she remains here, And help to guide her to our heavenly sphere.

"Oh, the beautiful birds that sing their lay, Come to bless me every day, The flowers of fragrance, sweet and rare, And heavenly music fills the air. " From your friend,

" Fredrika Ehrenborg."

The 20th of October, 1881,1 was present at Mrs, Green's trumpet seance in the evening in company with the following persons: Mr. Green, the medium's husband; Mr. and Mrs. Stebbins, a reporter from the "Euquirer," who gave his name as Johnson, and Mr. Walker. On the stand was placed three slates, one of which was my own, three trumpets, one glass of water, and my spring music-box. On the floor stood the big tin trumpet and by it laid my guitar, and not far from Mr. Stebbins was his fiddle. After the light was put out and the doors locked I wound up my music-box and put it on the right hand corner of the stand before me. Soon after it was taken away while playing and carried around all over our heads, and some of us were touched with it. Finally it came back to me and was placed in my left hand with the spirit, whose hand I touched with both my hands. I wound it up again and the spirit took it away and carried it around the same as before, but when it came back it was placed on the left hand corner of the stand, and I laid the key close by it. Afterwards I played my orgamina when the spirit voices of both sexes joined in with their songs, and so they did when we sang.

I intended to wind up the music-box again and felt for it on the corner, when I discovered that both the box and key were gone. Soon after we heard the box playing and going over our heads as before, and the box was replaced on the corner of the stand with the key on top. All the trumpets and the guitar were moving around in the air high above our heads, the guitar was played on in time with the music, and we all were touched and stroked on different parts of our bodies with these implements. The guitar was laid in my lap, and I sang a Swedish song, accompanied by the guitar, when we heard a spirit voice singing with me, and I and the others heard the words pronounced by the spirit, which I declare were the same Swedish words which I sung. Mrs. Stebbens was clasped around her neck by her spirit daughter Ida, who whispered to and patted both her and Mr. Stebbins. Mrs. Green and Mrs. Stebbens saw several spirit lights, and Mr. Walker was informed by striking and tolling on the big tin trumpet that his father in Kansas would soon pass away. I felt for my music-box again, intending to wind it up, when I, to my great surprise, found a fresh, beautiful flower on top of it, and my slate was placed in my hand. Soon after the seance was closed and when the room was lighted up, we found written on one slate the name of the reporter, and on my slate the following:

" Dear papa, we present you the flower we promised you some time ago. The passion flower.

" Emil and Mary."

It was a large, very beautiful, quite fresh flower, which I now have preserved in a glass jar with deodorized alcohol. On seeing this flower my wife's idea was that the flower had been brought from some garden, and I thought the spirits made it, which caused me, at a slate-writing seance the 24th of October, to ask which of us was right. On the slate was this answer:

" Mary and I, with the assistance of the medium's band, created it for you and dear mamma, and you will find a dove in the center."

On a close examination we found to our astonishment a small dove there.