When the seance was over, I at once took the flowers to Mrs. Minor's to have them arranged according to her art for preservation and now have them in all their original beauty. The 17th of November, 1881, I went to Mrs. McKee for a slate-writing seance, as for some time I have been used to do every Thursday morning at 9 o'clock, where I met at the door her step-father, R. J. William, who informed me that his daughter Jennie had, half an hour before, passed away to the spiritual world, and invited me up on the floor above to see her body. In the death-room I found my friend, the wonderful clairvoyant and trance medium, Mrs. Anna Rail, and Jennie's mother, who found that her head was not quite cold. From the house of mourning I went to Mrs. Minor's for the live flowers I had received from my dear spirit friend, Mrs. Fredrika Ehrenborg, through the medial power of Mrs. McKee, the 3d of November, and which now were preserved under glass, and afterwards went to have a seance at Mrs. Green's, where I placed those beautiful flowers on the small stand between us. Soon we heard writing on the slate and a tap, when we found on it the following communication:

" Good morning, dear papa. How sad for you to look upon the face this morning, not yet cold, that had afforded you so much real happiness, and pure as the flowers before you that came through her medial powers. She entered the spirit world to meet the loved ones gone before. Her suffering is no more. She saw you, and I shook hands with her. She knew me, and she was all smiles. She was glad she passed away on the morning she had an engagement with you ; so your heavenly influences was there to aid her spirit. She hoped for it. She will be able to communicate to you soon and tell you how she found the new life. She will write immediately, she understands it. Dear papa, try to make a house not of mourning; she wants joy, she is free from suffering and able to communicate. Will see her own funeral and wishes to have a real spiritualist's funeral, becoming one who has passed away in its full faith. She wants Mrs. Green to repeat that beautiful poem that she so much admired : ' Still Live ' (herself). 1 would like Mr. Green, with others, to make some consoling remarks. The song ' There is no death,' sung. She says that every thing so far has turned out all right, and she wants every thing clone according to her desire. They all know what a devotee she was in spiritualism." (Here I mentioned to Mrs. Green that I would go back to the house of mourning and tell them of this as soon as possible, and now came.) " That is just it. She told me all and requested me to write it. She wants them to cast away the thoughts of her old body from their minds, and to think her free spirit moving through the house as of old. She wants her dear old parents not to mourn. She wants all the mediums next to her immediate family, and spiritualists, to strengthen her so she can manifest, if possible. She says this is her wisnes; they can do as they please. Dear papa, I have done my duty this morning for her beautiful free spirit, and happy for the honor conferred upon me as her amanuensis. We have nothing more to communicate this morning, only she wants Mrs. Rail, her near and dear friend, to control affairs as far as she can, as she knows her wishes and desires, and knows she will please her and do what is right. Love to dear mamma; kiss her for me. Emil."

" Mrs. McKee says many thanks for your kindness She will be with you often. Much love to all.

" Emil."

We were present at her beautiful funeral, where Jennie herself spoke through Mrs, Rail over her own body, and it was in truth remarked from the people that this was the most soul-uplifting funeral services they ever had witnessed. The spirit communicates with me often.