They live in perfect harmony; women suffer very little inconvenience in bearing children ; the families are large, with eight or ten children; they are contented and happy. They have better painters in coloring in both landscapes and portraits. Their architecture is perfection; their buildings are the most beautiful I ever beheld. The climate is genial the year round, never too hot, and never necessary to have fire to keep warm ; but little variety in temperature. Dear friend, I could say much more if I had power. I thank you for your kind attention. I will be able another time. Good bye for the present. Your sincere friend in spirit life,

Fredrika Ehrenborg."

The 27th of July at a seance at Mrs. Cooper's, her control informed me that we meet to-day under disturbed conditions, and when I asked Mrs. Cooper what that meant, she said her husband wanted her to move back to Louisville, as his prospects there now were better, and she had concluded to do so, in consequence of which she intended to pack up her furniture immediately after the present seance. Madam Ehrenborg wrote now a communication from which I will extract the following: " This dear, good woman, whom the angels will bless, is the first channel through which I have been able to reach earth and friends in this way, and now to be disturbed and taken away for a while is a loss to us. I could go to her, but not write as I write to you, the friendship formed between us before I passed away gives me strength and desires I might not have in any other way, but this form of condition will not last long.

* * * I will try to communicate to you whenever condition is given, it is so easy for me to write here. There are but few who I could say so much through in so short a time. * * * Mrs. Cooper, if you will sit for me next Wednesday from there (Louisville) I hope to be able to write frequently, but not like if he was present. Good bye for the present. Your most sincere friend in spirit land.

" Fredrika Ehrenborg."

Mrs. Cooper promised to do as she was requested and we agreed, as the spirits wanted, that I at the the usual hour, 9 o'clock a. m., should sit alone at home the same time as the seance should take place in Louisville. Wednesday, the 3d of August, I picked a few flowers and kept some of them with me, as my spirit son Emil directed, and the rest were placed in a glass on the stand, which was covered, and under it I put Madam Ehrenborg's photograph and her letters sent me from Sweden. The 5th of August I received a letter from Miss Sadie Hare, No. 222 St. Catherine street, Louisville, Ky., wherein she states that " Mrs. Cooper came quite a distance to our home the 3d of August to fulfill her engagement with you and the dear spirit friends, not having conditions at her sister's that would enable her to give opportunities to the spirits. We live a long distance apart and some distance from the street railway, but you know the distance would have to be very great to prevent Mrs. Cooper from keeping a spiritual engagement. * * With this you will find your communications which I have Copied. Respectfully yours,

" Sadie Hare."

" Louisville, August 3,1881.

" Yes, we see the photographs of our dear friend, and he has obeyed the request made. We wish we could bring just one of the white blossoms he has gathered for the occasion to you. The dear spirit friends he desired to hear from were present when he made preparations for conditions to assist them to come to you. Tell him all will be well with him. The knowledge he has gained of the spirit world will not decay like the blossoms he has gathered in his beautiful bouquet. His friend Doc." The control of Mrs. Cooper.

" We have come, and see that you have had a long distance to come to make conditions for us. Emil is with me, and we will do all we can to write a message to my dear friend C. G. Helleberg. I have reached the medium through which I have been able to write so much in so short a time. I find her much troubled and disturbed and will not be able to say to you what I could if you were present as in former conditions, but remember what I have told you, my work in spirit life has only began, and I yet hope to say much to you and through this medium. All the changes that come to our friends in the form are not pleasant for them, but changes that come to us in our spirit home increases the happiness and joy that we dwell in, but not alone, for there is no real happiness that can be enjoyed alone, for we are united in love and harmony, and we are happy that the change called death does not sever the friendship formed in earth life. Progression is the highest ambition of all good spirits.

" Man does not see or know the need of knowledge while in earth life, but when he enters real life and knows there is no turning backwards he feels forced by law of goodness to help all those who are yet in darkness; but, my friend, there are so many who are forgotten as soon as the spirit has left the form and believed to be dead by all they once held dear. I feel like repeating over and over again the joy I continually receive, being remembered by you who have opened the avenue for me to give and receive. Be assured that your reward will come and inscribed in bright, shining letters on a banner of truth遥our work well done, good and faithful servant. Emil is present, and desires to send a few words to his papa and mamma. I know, my dear friend, how you missed the interview this morning you would have enjoyed so much ; but be reconciled, they are more disturbed than our dear medium ; but could she behold the bright spirits1 that stand in circle around her she would not despair. It will not be long till the way is cleared and we can draw nearer to communicate through her to you, and of every thorn comes a blessing, the severest cross is a crown to those who are willing to bear for the sake of truth and progression. I desire, my dear friend, to have these interviews repeated. Had there not been a kind, genial lady to sit for you to copy what was written I would not have been able to say this much in a strange place. I thank you, my young friend, for assistance and willingness on your part, and remember, though the act may seem small to you, it is worth gratitude from us, and you may rely upon an increase of spiritual influence to assist you. Accept this, my dear friend; I hope to say more again. Your most sincere friend in spirit life,

" Fredrika Ehrenborg."