In the evening of the same day I was at a materializing seance at Mrs. Cooper's, where the following persons besides myself were present: Mr. Cooper, his wife, Mrs. Annie Cooper, the medium; Dr. Joseph R. Wittemore, No. 50 Dayton street; John Winter-born, No. 19 Freeman avenue; Mr. Oberline, Mr. S. G. Anderson, and Mr. Charles Wilhelm, all of Cincinnati.

First, Mrs. Cooper sat herself in full gas-light by the small covered stand, under which was placed three bells, a walking stick, and my small spring music-box, after I had wound it up. Soon after the spirits moved the box up and down and put it on end during playing, which we could see, because I put the box only half under the curtain. As soon as the playing stopped, the box was taken entirely under and finally pushed out for me to wind up. The bells were ringing and the walking stick was held up and extended to all of us to take hold of, which we did, and the spirits shook hands with us in that way. I had laid Madam Ehrenborg's photograph on the table, and I expressed a wish that she would materialize, when on the slate, which Mrs. Cooper held under the table-leaf, was written : "Good evening, friends; yes, 1 am with you ; I will try to appear; we are so happy." The gas was now turned down, but not lower than we could see each other right well, and Mrs. Cooper took her seat in a chair behind the curtains stretched across a corner of the room, and soon after a lady spirit greeted Dr. Wittemore, who, he said, was his first wife. His sister also came and nodded to him. Then came a sister to Anderson and a sister to Mr. Winterborn, together with his mother, who took a flower from him, and nodded to him very cordially. A spirit lady did the same to Mr. Wilhelm. Mr. Cooper brought now ray music instrument, orgamina, from the upper room and placed it before me and I played on it with the crank. Soon after a lady spirit came, dressed in a white shining robe, and beckoned to me, when Mrs. Cooper, who was not in a trance, invited me to come up to the curtain where the spirit stood in the opening, and I asked if it was my friend Madam Ehrenborg who died in Sweden, Europe, eight years ago, and she bowed and nodded assent. Mr. Winterborn,gave me a flower, which I took and offered to Madam Ehrenborg, who took it, smelled it, and stuck it under ray nose to smell, and afterwards kept it. I expressed my gladness to see her and she made graceful bows, which I answered with mine. I then went back to the music instrument to play, when Madam Ehrenborg came out again with a beautiful long piece of lace on her arm and wafted it to and fro, and afterwards dematerialized before us. After that came a lady and sat herself in the rocking-chair, and there dematerialized before us. Mrs. Cooper took now a standing position in the opening of the curtain, when a male spirit came out, stood beside her, and kissed her. When Mrs. Cooper took her seat behind the curtain again a tall gentleman spirit came dressed in some kind of a uniform, with a glittering star on his right breast, and Mr. Winterborn offered him a nosegay, which he took and held out with his hand, swinging his arm up and down, keeping time to the music of the orgamina and that for a long time. As he came out the next time he took hold of the rocking chair outside the curtain before him and swung it over his head for a long time, and afterwards lowered it down to about a foot from the floor, when he dropped it. At the same time we saw Mrs. Cooper, who expressed her anxiety lest the chair might fall on her. Next he placed himself at the opening of the curtain, when a lady spirit took her place at his left side, and they kissed each other. Mrs. Cooper asked for a glass of water, which Mr. Cooper went after, intending to give it to his wife, but the gentleman spirit took it from him and gave it to Mrs. Cooper, who drank the water out of the glass. The same spirit sat himself in the lap of Mrs. Cooper and kissed her after he had placed a flower in her hair. Mrs. Cooper was coughing, and Mr. Winterborn gave two cough lozenges to the spirit, who gave them to Mrs. Cooper. The uniformed gentleman spirit came again out and took the rocking-chair with his right hand and swung it very vigorously over his head for a good while, then put it down. All the other spirits had white robes shining as snow, and all of us were exceedingly gratified at such wonderful performance.

The 29th of June, 1881, among other valuable communications, came:

Good morning, my dear friend; it is with the greatest pleasure I again come to communicate with you. Your star of hope is increasing in brightness. I called on you and your dear lady last night (your night). You appreciate the beauties of the heavens, it was indeed grand to the natural eye." (My wife and I last evening were on the roof of our house on Mount Auburn looking at the comet and the stars.) " Oh, I thought if I could lift the veil and show you the inner life so brightly beaming once again, what joy it would give. I have visited three planets, each one had a distinct race (of people) and different one from another, and had mostly white skin, walked erect, were all of the same physical shape, very much like the inhabitants of our planet; their features are more regular and not much contrast in size. On the first planet they were small in stature預bout four feet high. On the second sphere, about five feet high and of uniform size and shape. On the third they were six feet high, with large limbs and muscles, language quite different from ours, but were highly educated; eat no animal food, subsist entirely on vegetable. The day and night are of equal length; and as this last named planet was most interesting to me I will speak first of it: They have a better system, of astronomy than we do and understand it more perfectly. This planet has large water courses and a great deal of commerce. They have no religion, such as Christians call religion, but a very high order of morals. They know little of the immortality of the soul. They have no wars, no courts nor prison houses, and murder is unheard of. They have no kings, no politics, no religion, consequently no wars.