"Fredrika Ehrenborg."

*This has reference to forget-me-not seeds which she sent me from Sweden.

On the 24th of May, from 9 to 12 a. m., the same highly esteemed spirit friend wrote on the slate: ' " Good morning, my clear friend. I greet you this morning, united with so many of your loved ones. Your beautiful mother says it would not be heaven if we were shut out from the knowledge of our friends in the form. No, it could not be heaven if it made us selfish. I am glad you have reached that part of life and find bright rays daily. Freedom brings its own reward, and the light that has been given to you will enable you to have yours while life lasts. You will never be bereft of friends on this shore. You will have them in both spheres. Is it not grand to be able to understand, and even more, to appreciate, this knowledge? Light is pouring in, and the minds of men are becoming more active every day. Mankind are like hungry children who want food; yes, so great do they crave the knowledge of the immortality that it will take firm reasoning and true workers to supply them. We rejoice, for we are sure that progress is rapid. Earth friends often wonder what spirits find to do. If they could realize even half the wonderful work that is going on, they would be astonished that spirits had accomplished so much for the welfare of humanity. I am so happy my soul expands in love. I feel I am young, and I am, for I am born again. I am contented to have struggled so many years in earth life, for it has brought me grand reward. All trials are worth the privilege and pleasure we enjoy when we reach our spirit home. I can see now that it is no hiding-place in man's true nature, and if they are not learned upon the terrestrial planet, they will have to learn before they can become celestial angels. Selfishness is cold and freezing, love is genial and warms up the human soul, and thereby will promote its happiness. Let love be cultivated by man, for it is a favorite flower, the flower of life and the beauty of the soul, and by it humanity is renewed continually and brought to the newness of life's beauty, truth, beauty and higher spheres of eternal existence, and without it man can never understand or have any conception of his heavenly home. Oh, if love were the ruling influence, sorrow would be hard to find, heart aches would be nowhere felt. An early writer said: ' If you can not love him whom you have seen, how can you love them whom you have not seen and be beloved in return?' In loving one another we love God, for God is love. His love is manifesting in man. Oh, that it may be cultivated, and not destroyed. Dear friend, I feel I have given you an introduction at least in my three letters of what I believe would be a benefit to man if they could but understand how much depends upon them, not alone for themselves, but for the welfare and happiness of others. I will be able, as conditions are given, to write of my surroundings in my beautiful home, where all is love and harmony, peace reigns and all willing to submit to the ruling power. You have done more good than you are aware of. It is the greatest workers that always feel they are doing least. You send forth subjects that give new ideas to those who read them, awakening interest without any desire on their part. As I said before, if conditions are not interrupted, you will have much to read and to write. I have said all on this subject that I can, but I am not at a loss for something more to write about, for in spirit home how many beautiful things that have never yet been talked about too glorious to be enjoyed without giving the knowledge of their existence to our earth friends! A circle surrounds you this morning of loved ones near and dear, and your mother is cherished in loving kindness by children, children's children. Emil is a bright spirit, and will be able to give much knowledge to those who are a great deal older. Dear friend, I must withdraw and obey the law that governs my comings. All looks well for you so far as I see. No one can be really happy until their spirit is free to enjoy that happiness which is permanent, for all earthly pleasures are but temporary. Farewell for the present. In God's love may you continue your journey until you arrive on the mount where no dark ravines can intervene your happiness. Good bye for the present. Your sincere friend in spirit life,

" Fredrika Ehrenborg."