Mrs. Laura Mosser, now Mrs. Carter, through whose mediumship I had the first slate-writing, August 31, 1879, at her residence, No. 253 Laurel street, Cincinnati, Ohio, from my spirit friend, William Gailard, and my dear son Emil. My truth-loving friend, Mr. S. G. Anderson, at my request, introduced me to Mrs. Mosser, at her residence, where we both on a clear Sunday morning, after we had some communications between a double slate from Mr. Gailard and my son, saw a spirit hand between us, into which Mr. Anderson put his handkerchief, which was taken under the stand, and afterwards came out tied in three knots. It was written on the slate at the same time that Mr. Anderson's two sisters and his brother John, who all many years ago had passed away in Sweden, each of them had, tied a knot. During this occurrence we had Mrs. Mosser in full view, who was rocking in a rocking chair, and the only part hidden was her right hand when it held the slate under the small stand. From this remarkable result I concluded to go on with the investigation, and had many interesting communications, mostly concerning family relations, until the 8th of December, 1880, when I became acquainted with that most respectable lady, Mrs. Annie Cooper, who is a true and honest medium. Through her gifts I had many wonderful manifestations, consisting of slate-writings and materializations, etc. I will mention only a few. On the 11th May, 1881, among other things which appeared on the slate was the following: " Good morning, my dear friend. Across the deep I have communicated to you. With great pleasure I accept the opportunity of still doing so. I am anxious that all I hold dear should understand this phenomenon. Hope lingers around me that I shall be able to make myself known as if on earth. One thing I thank you for, the kind appreciation of a small tribute of friendship I tried to bestow. Every day since I came here I have learned something. Knowledge is not stopped by the change. My friend, many persons think that when the change called death comes and the spirit is released from the body, it becomes perfect at once. That is a mistake; we come out of the earthly body with all the propensities which actuate us while in it, and we come out of them only as we are educated and progress. Oh, dear friend, I can see now that there are many human beings dazed at the wiles of mistakes made by early education, instead of looking up to something higher and brighter. Yes, man still asks, with prayerful heart, what are his wants to be in the future ? and why was he born ? and why does he die? Oh, why does man mourn over a law that was ordained for the benefit of all mankind ? Why tears fall when he stands where the form of some loved one is laid ? Is hope gone ? Yes, because they know not where they are gone and what they are now. No one should mourn at death, for death is as legitimate as birth. Yes, no science, with all its bright knowledge, has been able to penetrate this system or sphere peopled by those who once dwelt as you do now. Oh, if suffering humanity could realize these beautiful truths, it would remove every doubt and dispel every fear that death transports man far away from earthly loved ones. My dear friend, to you this knowledge has been like a gentle zephyr that cools the cheeks on a warm summer evening. I am happy to be able to see you in possession of these noble sentiments. Let eternal progression be engraved on your banner and you will soar far above doubt and mystery, that surround so many in earth life. Man no longer bows to an angry God, nor needs a mediator to propitiate him. I am so happy to be able now to enjoy and fully realize what I believed to be true, with but little besides my own evidence and knowledge to convince me that it was a truth. I have been reproved even for an acknowledgment, but all do not understand alike. I was fully assured before my spirit left the physical habitation for spiritual inheritance that I was surrounded by angels, kind and loving, guarding and guiding me to a higher and better life. I passed through as if in a gentle slumber, awakening to meet many bright faces, yes, too many to number, that had gone before and landed safely on the bright, celestial shore. Earthly views can not comprehend heavenly joys. Oh, think of it, my friend, to meet those to whom you are bound to by the ties of nature in early affection, never, never to part again, but to dwell in the light of a harmonious atmosphere of love, surrounded by angels and music from the bright realms above. There is no end to life, the spirit is eternal, and as we travel onward we can look upward in hope, for there is always something above. I will be able to communicate to you on different subjects the next interview. Give my love to your dear lady. I will now call on her, and we will yet meet, but not as strangers. In the language of flowers, we remember in the sweet forget me not.

Your most sincere friend,

"Fredrika Ehrenborg."

* Adieu for the present.

This was the first communication between the double slate from Madam Ehrenborg, and on the 19th of May she gave another one, as follows:

" Good morning, my dear friend. In love and justice for your kindness I come this morning. I feel like writing on that subject, justice, for it enters into the divine unfolding* of eternity. Millions stand at the bar of the great tribune waiting to hear their sentence pronounced. Justice enters into the majesty of universal law. What generation can gather it and hold it in their embrace ? Yes, justice is the universal law, that no age, no nation can control or hold in subjection. When they have gained one step in the right direction they may then think they have gained it all, but as we ascend the steps to that mighty throne of infinity we see justice beyond the ken of hundreds of humanity that have passed away. Justice is so unlimited we can compass only a part of it, according •to the knowledge we possess, and have cultivated the principal subject of the development. No people or nation can make laws to govern any other nation or people who can succeed them or figure on this planet. What can finite man do to control the Infinite ? Can he gather and control the winds and the seasons as they come and go with all their powerful influences on the globe? No; neither can he gather and control the developments of minds, or subject them to any law that he may enact. History records the rise and fall of empires; behold, they have all passed away; each gives place to another form of government, better adapted to the wants and conditions of the then existing humanity. Dear friend, the heavenly trees are filled with divine fruit, whose beauty is reflected to earth. Truth is mightier than man, sharper than a two-edged sword, and it will mow down every obstacle in the way of progress. The spirit world is united in trying to lay the corner-stone of a temple so large that it will contain the whole human family. Oh, how grand when all can offer up the highest tribute of love to the divine unfolding spirit, and receive the sacred knowledge and love which shall bring humanity together in peace and harmony, then in truth all will be free. It gives me renewed strength to see the new and beautiful ideas floating about, spirit messengers wafted to earth, blending with man, woman and child as they go forth clearing the pathway to their eternal home, where all is love and harmony. The light of this beautiful truth is fast dawning, and suffering mortals will awake in joy to the light of it, and be crowned in the glory of the morning. It is not hard for spirits to communicate with friends on earth, but often difficult to have conditions. Man must have some spirituality in his soul before he can realize the truth that his loved ones are waiting, willing to help him upwards as they stand on the bright, celestial shore. Dear friend, I am sure I am gaining power, and would be able to say a great deal in a short time through this medium if no change of conditions come. I hope to help you to do what you so much desire. I can go to my dear friends across the water and help you by impressing them that all is true. Now I must withdraw, but will be very happy to come again to you, and give you all the knowledge I can. I am glad to see you so interested in learning what can only be taught by those who have passed the sands of earth life, and are happy exploring the unexplored field of life beyond. Good by, go on, fear not, the course you pursue is right. Your true friend in spirit life,