Nov. 21. Among other things during this sitting with Mrs. Green I received the following:

"Good morning friends of truth. On passing out of the physical form and awakening to the consciousness of the perpetuity of my being, and a realization of my continued individuality, I was overwhelmed with the triumph of the spirit over the empire of crude matter, and as I gazed upon the worn, shattered and emaciated body, and in the presence of many kindred and other loving spirit friends, the first thought that occupied my mind was, is it possible that I have lived so long in the presence of this great truth and have known so little about it? Then followed a feeling of self-chiding, yea remorse, that I had neglected so many opportunities to learn that wisdom so much needed by the newly arisen spirit, and how much I had really missed by not acquiring knowledge of the spirit world, the future of the spirit, and the laws of spiritual government. Resulting from reflections like these came the impelling desire to return through whatever avenue I might find to speak to a fond mother, devoted wife, loving children, and sympathizing friends, to announce, if no more, that I not only still lived, but was fully conscious of and keenly alive to their grief and sorrow. But I would do more. Having passed safely and gloriously the ordeal of so-called death, and crossed the dreaded rubicon, I am now employing my best energies in learning the initial and rudimentary laws appertaining to spirit life and spirit growth, which I ought to have learned on earth, in the fervent hope and desire that I may be of service to my country and countrymen. If I have a friend who would hear and heed me, I would say to him as my best counsel, see to it that you learn more of the spiritual side of life while here in the body, that when you pass to the higher life your spirit may be accelerated in its onward march along the highways of progress in the heavenly spheres. J, A, Garfield."

At the seance the 7th of November, 1881, I placed a sealed letter, with no address on the envelope, on the stand, and no one in the body except myself knew the contents, as I had written it early in the morning at my home, on Mt. Auburn. I deem it best to give my letter and the answer to it in full, as it demonstrates beyond all possible controversy the ability of spirits to read and understand written matter effectually concealed from mortal view by being securely sealed up.

" To my dear exalted spirit friend, Madam Fredrika Ehrenborg: You always was on earth a highly valued friend of mine. Since your entrance into the spirit world I have been lead to appreciate more fully your good qualities of head and heart; and your kind spiritual ministrations to me I fear I can never repay. They have made me very happy indeed. You brought the highly exalted Swedenborg, and your angel husband to make God's truths clearer to us, and we know we can not return this loving kindness in any other way than in by trying to live up to them in our daily lives, and in making them known to others. During my whole life I have had so very few real friends outside of my family, but I now know that my good spirit friends have more than restored the loss of earthly friends, who I may have lamented. For a long time I have been thinking to send you a special offering of my sincere, heartfelt thanks, which I now do. Your sincere and humble earth friend,

" C. J. Helleberg."

The answer soon came in the following words on the insides of the double slate :

" To my highly respected earth friend, C. J. Helleberg: I know since my entrance upon a higher life more than before that you value my friendship to a very high degree, which I have tried with my spirit to reciprocate. You need not feel yourself under obligations to me or mine, for I take great pleasure in administering to your wants, and I am exceedingly happy to be able to do so, and that you appreciate we know. We are aware that our communications to you have made you and yours happy, and it rejoices us to know that we have been the instruments in doing good, and as you say, 'You can not return our loving kindness in any other way than by trying with all your might to live up to them in your daily lives, and in making them known to others.' That is just what your spirit friends wish you to do. You need not grieve for earthly friendship ; those ties have soon to be broken, but have you thought on spirit life and friends ? My noble husband and Mr. Swedenborg are here with us. Accept my heartfelt thanks for your good wishes toward me, and for your kind allusion to my noble companion. Love to your dear companion, and believe me ever your friend and guide. This is in answer to your sealed letters.

" Fredrika Ehrenborg."

The 23d of January, 1882, came the following from the former Governor of Indiana: "Good morning my dear friend in the cause of truth. I have been present at many of your sittings, and this morning I feel the power strong enough to write and give expressions to a few humble thoughts in regard to what I have done since my entrance to the spirit world. My battles here were to put down aristocracy and the expenses of our government. I fought hard for that. I did not believe in drinking ice tea at the expense of the government. I was satisfied with a good old fashion tea like my mother made, and a suit of blue jeans. I am still at work in our spiritual congress to that end. If there is not something done speedily our government of our forefathers is gone, and instead a stronger one, or monarchy. Capitalists gnawing at its vitals, and it must inevitably succumb. Spirit world is constantly at work to change the influence. We are coming to every channel we can to speak, and our prayers are that we may be heard and heeded. With my blessing on you both, I bid you good day. J. D. Williams."

"A. Lincoln, J. A. Garfield, 0. P. Morton, A. P. Willard, Emanuel Swedenborg, Fredrika Ehrenborg,

Madam Amalia de-Frese, Polheim, Wilberforce and Otto Jacob Natt-och-Dag are present. Emil."

- December 12th came the following:

"Kind friends : I am with you this morning to encourage you by the utterance of a few thoughts. The authority of the priesthood over the consciences and judgments of men is fast losing its hold, and creeds are in the course of ultimate extinction. The overthrow of the institution of slavery in the United States was precipitated by war, and I shudder to contemplate even the possibility that the final conflict between the prevalent creeds predicated on false theology, and succored by superstition on the oue hand, and an enlightened nationalism on the other, may unhappily eventuate in bloody issues. Creeds are doomed to perish. God grant they may pass away without the costly sacrifice of blood. The pages of both sacred and profane history record crimes of the darkest and deepest magnitude enacted in the holy name of religion. In her fair name the soil of the earth has been crimsoned with the precious blood of martyrs, and the ghastly horrors of the inquisition have been feebly and imperfectly told. The real truth of those horrid deeds has been faithfully chronicled in the archives of the spirit world. Without malice, and in all charity, I speak of them to-day, but the truth must be boldly stated. The history of the Christian system of religion is, in part, a history of foul assassination, bloodshed and rapine, and all under the impious pretext of advancing the kingdom of heaven and magnifying the glory of the Lord. Not only have the brave souls who dared to lift voice or hand against the hideous monster of religious fanaticism and tyranny been sacrificed as heretics, but noble and queenly women—yea, innocent and unoffending children—have fallen victims to its merciless cruelty and gluttonous rapacity for greed and power. Religion and tyranny have marched hand in hand together along the highwa3rs of the past, and with the stake, the javelin, the executioner's ax, and every conceivable instrument of torture, have left behind them ruin, desolation and death as fitting and enduring monuments of their utter unrighteousness. Does this terrible history, so replete with evil, offer us evidences of Godlike excellence? Can such a religious system, founded in falsehood, fostered by superstition, nourished by the blood of innocence, and pre-eminently distinguished by so frightful a history, much longer command the tolerant and kindly consideration of the advanced intelligence of the world, or continue to inspire the conviction that it emanated from God, and has been sustained all these centuries by the fostering care of his goodness and love ? In view of all this, is it surprising to any one that lie who taketh cognizance of the minutest details of human conduct has commissioned his angels and the spirits who have escaped the environments and passed beyond the limitations of the flesh to return to those in mortal on the redemptive mission of demonstrating a continued life beyond the grave, and revolutionizing the religious thought, moral tendencies and spiritual conceptions of mankind. I repeat, creeds are doomed to perish, and this angel ministry, fraught with freedom, truth and righteouness, will erect her gorgeous temples over their buried ruins. Thanks be to God that I obeyed the majestic voices wafted from the spirit world, inducing, as they did, the liberation in our land of four millions of the enslaved children of chattel bondage. Enjoying the communion with spirits, and learning of them and their bright homes, the heritage of the father's love, I was, while yet inhabiting the tabernacle of clay, made glad and filled with superhuman joy, and in consequence was the recipient of strength and happiness in this glorious land of the spirit. Go ye, therefore, and do likewise. Good day. A. Lincoln."