Jan. 26,1882. And the following came on the slate, which I then copied word for word, and herewith reproduce verbatim et llteratum:

" My dear old friend. According to promise I am here, and I will endeavor to write you a prayer :

" Oh, thou Infinite Spirit of Truth, soul of all things, we humbly approach Thee at this hour. We know our praises can not exalt Thee for Thou art already infinitely exalted. " We know how vain are our adulations of Thee, and that we can not change or make Thee other than what Thou art, a being permeating all things, ever pure and changeless. We know Thou hast existed in all the past, and for Thee and Thine there is no ending in all the measureless immensity of future time. Thou art infinite and perfect in all Thy great attributes of love, wisdom, and power, the true and everlasting trinity. We know we serve Thee best when we seek and labor for the good of Thy children, whether they be in realms of spirit being or in mortal life. We feel the inspiration of Thy words— i Do good to all'—wafted to our anxious ears on every breeze, and we bow in reverence before the eternal words written on all the works of Thy mighty creation, 'Love one another even as I love all.' We look not for Thee in temples of human construction, or in buildings vainly dedicated to Thy worship, but we discover Thee in all that Thou hast brought into being by the creative energies of Thy almighty power. We hear Thy majestic voice in the almighty roar of old ocean and in the gentle murmuring of the brooklet. We hear Thy voice in the thundering of the storm king and in the soft whisperings of the zephyrs. We behold Thee in the stately form of the oak and in the sweet blossoming and blooming flowers. Where-ever we go, wherever we look, and in whatever we behold there Thou art ever present. Oh, Thou mighty masterspirit of the universe, bless Thy children everywhere. Strengthen Thy messengers, ministering spirits from the land immortal, to teach those still in the bonds of the flesh the sublime and eternal truths of immortality. May Thy children in mortal learn that wisdom which teaches righteous living, heroic dying, life-unending and eternal progression. Shower divine blessings on this aged brother who is seeking to know of Thee through Thy ministering angels. Strengthen his faith, increase his knowledge, cheer his heart, and as he nears the end of the journey of mortal life fill his soul with that joy that can only be bestowed by the spirits of dear ones who have passed to the better land. Bless, oh Father, this noble medium, a chosen instrument of the spirit world, through whom to transmit messages of love. Bless all such instruments. Encourage and invest with continually increasing powers this noble band of spirits, and enable them through their chosen and beloved medium to bless and cheer the hearts of many by the imparta-tion of light divine, and may that light radiate, to their souls as the sunbeams descending from the golden orb of day illuminates the physical world. Accept, oh Lord, from the fulness of our souls this our earnest prayer. Amen.