Libra With The Moon In Cancer

This has a quieting effect on Libra, with intensified intuitions and sensitive feelings. This nature is governed by its family love, to the exclusion of the rest of humanity, its greatest happiness being found in the home. It is a careful, saving, money-loving sign, with a tendency to succeed in business.

Libra With The Moon In Leo

This gives a greatly increased love-nature, almost to the exclusion of reason—also spirituality, intuition, and sensitiveness. It possesses a love for the classics, of music and literature, and should guard against making idols of its loved one.

Libra With The Moon In Virgo

Virgo gives an accurate, critical turn of mind to Libra here. It is a peculiar nature, liable to attain great heights or sink very low. It can become successful in speculation or an inveterate gambler, either tender and sincere in its home-love, or debased and passionate. This is a musical sign, with idealistic and sensational impulses.

Libra With The Moon In Libra

This combination intensifies the Libra nature, giving steadiness, clearness of intellect, and business ability. It increases faithfulness and love of home, and decreases the liking for publicity. It also adds to the egotism and grasping inclination of this sign and gives a love of the artistic and military.

Libra With The Moon In Scorpio

This gives industry, mathematics, ambition, pride, com-bativeness and selfishness. It is severely just, unsympathetic, energetic and capable. Its plans and ambitions are large and quite often realized, and in its home life it is severe, exacting, quicktempered and commanding. Its greatest success is in literature and law.

Libra With The Moon In Sagittarius

Sagittarius in this combination gives Libra a powerful impetus toward success. If the nature inherits good reasoning powers, the intensified activity and love of excitement and speculation will only make good public characters and brilliant speakers of them, but with reason small, the tendency is to gambling, bad habits, great excitability, and an early death.

Libra With The Moon In Caprioornus

This is a successful, intuitive, clear headed sign, with marked business ability, a strong love of music and mental attainments. It is a sympathetic, kind nature, and should indulge in more physical exercise.

Libra With The Moon In, Aquarius

This is a wholesome, conventional, pleasure loving sign, with a capacity for reading human character at sight and a wonderfully keen sense of smell and taste. It is fastidious, proud and well adapted for public office, and professorships.

Libra With The Moon In Pisces

This gives industry, restlessness, order, artistic ability, imagination and love of beauty. It adds to the morbidness, but takes away the wilfulness and egotism.

Scorpio With The Moon In Aries

This gives hardness, combativeness, imagination, intellectuality and perseverance, and should be trained with loving care to early eradicate anger, jealousy and hate from its nature. With a good education and careful bringing up this is a useful sign, with an inveterate habit of domineering over others, and an intolerance of control.

Scorpio With The Moon In Taurus

This adds kindness and sympathy to the positive character of Scorpio, and gives a love of science, mechanics, and illustrative art. It is a practical, perceptive, wealth-loving sign, with a more faithful, law abiding and domestic nature than is usually found in Scorpio.

Scorpio With The Moon In Gemini

This gives an active, aspiring mind with an increase of sociability, and a love of art and science.

It is an expressive, proud, studious, fastidious sign, making good teachers, architects, and lawyers.

Scorpio With The Moon In Cancer

This adds domesticity and carefulness in money matters to Scorpio's nature. It makes better husbands and wives than is usually found here, and increases its kindness and sympathy, making this combination a very lovable one.

Scorpio With The Moon In Leo

This is also a softening combination for Scorpio, adding philanthropy, religion and sympathy to the refined nature and lessening the self-control and conventionality of the passionate one.

Scorpio With The Moon In Virgo

This intensifies the home love, but makes it critical, bard and fault-finding. It is a methodical, proud, bad tempered sign, with a capability for the management of real estate, for the practice of law and medicine, and a love of the good things of this world.

Scorpio With The Moon In Libra

This gives ambition, intuition, business perception, wilfulness, and an inclination to foresee events. It is a dignified, literary sign with good judgment and considerable nobility of character.

Scorpio With The Moon In Scorpio

This nature is independent, clear-headed, materialistic, and reserved. It possesses stability, pride, conventionality, energy and irritability, and a disposition to be artistic, restless and fond of travel.

Scorpio With The Moon In Sagittarius

This is a hasty, sarcastic, orderly, combative, law abiding sign, very active, positive and cutting in speech. It is inclined to be reckless and jealous, and should crush these traits in youth, if happiness is ever to be attained. If properly controlled this combination points to success, as its business instincts and legal capacity are great.

Scorpio With The Moon In Capricornus

This gives great executive ability, and ambition, a love of wealth, display and elegance, and absurdly aristocratic tendencies. It is conventional, laboriously studious and exact, and lacks domesticity.

Scorpio With The Moon In Aquarius

This is a good combination for Scorpio in that it increases the sweetness of temper, and gives more love of home and family. But its inordinate pride of appearance and love of wealth, publicity and display, almost neutralizes the good of these, often marrying for wealth and position, and thereby wrecking its own happiness. d politicians, public officials and merchants are found in it.